Editor's Desk - September 2013
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From the Ground Up

When you're catering to patrons who are pounding the ground for sport, fun or fitness, it's important to plan well and ensure that your facility provides a safe and comfortable experience. And that all starts at the ground: the surfaces your visitors and athletes play, walk and compete upon. Whether you're planning a football field, or a basketball court, a playground or a recreational trail, the surface is a crucial portion of your planning process.

And, like any other piece of your facility, the choices you have for surfacing see constant advancement and change. Manufacturers come up with creative innovations and new, more refined technology on a continual basis, providing a wider variety of choices to meet each facility's individual needs.

With that in mind, we offer our annual guide to the major types of sports and recreation surfaces. Within these pages, you'll find stories exploring the ins and outs of turf (both natural and synthetic), as well as court surfaces and playground safety surfaces. The goal is to provide you with an update on the latest trends, as well as what works now and for the long term at a variety of facilities across the country.

Whether you're running a college-level athletic complex, a park district playground or a YMCA gymnasium, we hope you can find some information and knowledge in this short guide to help you choose the right products and surfaces for your own facility.


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management