Editor's Desk - June 2014
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Everything Is Relative

How are things going for your facility? Budgets up or down? Memberships growing or shrinking? Building something new or struggling to take care of something old?

The answer for everybody, of course, is: It depends.

Welcome to your eighth annual State of the Industry Report. Here we report on the results of our survey of more than 2,000 leaders in the recreation, sports and fitness industry, discussing everything from budgets and buildings to partnerships and programming.

This year's results reveal a bit more stabilization compared with last year. In some areas, things are definitely starting to look up. In others, the recovery continues. But of course, it all depends.

Whether an organization—from colleges and parks to health clubs and YMCAs—finds success has much to do with the effectiveness of its operations, the support of its community and more. Want to see how you stack up against your peers? Just turn the page and start reading.

First, you'll find all of the general results of the survey, and in following sections, we'll break the information down by region and facility type, so you can truly measure yourself against similar facilities. But remember, as with any research of this nature, there's a wide range of experiences outside of the numbers. While 2,000-plus respondents make for a pretty accurate picture of the industry, there will always be outliers at both ends of the spectrum—those who are making things work extremely well, and those who need to close up shop and move on.

So tell us: How do you stack up? And what creative ideas have you come up with to deal with the most pressing challenges your organization faces?


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management


We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the thousands of readers who took the time to respond to our survey, as well as experts from across the industry who weighed in with their opinions on the current trends in managed recreation, sports and fitness facilities.

We welcome anyone who is interested in getting involved in future industry reports and salary surveys. If you'd like to weigh in next time with your opinion send an e-mail to research@recmanagement.com and let us know your name, title and the type of facility you work for.