Editor's Desk - February 2015
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Dive Right In

If you operate an aquatic facility, you know that there are many working parts to manage. From the nuts and bolts of the equipment needed to keep your pool water circulating, clear and clean to the programming and outreach you need to do to get people into the water, keeping your pool afloat is a big job.

That's why once a year we dive in deeper, taking a closer look at trends in aquatic facilities to offer some ideas and guidance that just might help you run your own facility a little more effectively.

This year, we kick off our coverage with a look at how successful aquatic facilities have made the shift from treading water to turning a profit. Here, industry experts and aquatic professionals offer ideas to help you meet the public's growing expectation that facilities like pools turn a profit—or at least break even.

Next, we spoke with some of the country's top aquatic design firms about the viability of competitive pools and discovered that for most facilities, the best approach is to design pools to serve multiple functions. Competitive elements like lane lines and starting platforms are great, but you might need to consider providing more than just a lap pool.

Finally, we cover the latest trends in managing air and water quality—two key factors that are essential to your swimmers' and employees' health, and which are intricately intertwined.

Dive right in, and hopefully you'll find some new ideas here in these pages—or even justification for something you've already tried. And, do let us know about your own successes and challenges. What's making your aquatic facility stand out? And how are you keeping things fresh and new for swimmers?


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management