Editor's Desk - August 2015
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Problem? Solution!

If there's a job that doesn't come with its share of occasional minor headaches and major fires to douse, I've not heard of it. And professionals who have the operations, management and maintenance of recreation, sports and fitness facilities as their top duty are no exception to this rule. There are daily nuisances, weekly frustrations, monthly grievances, annual annoyances—just like in any job.

The good thing is, there also is a wide range of service providers, manufacturers, consultants and more who, along with treating their own headaches and putting out their own fires, consider it Priority No. 1 to come up with smart strategies, perspicacious products, intelligent innovations and savvy solutions that will help you to take care of some of those troubles that come up time and again.

In this issue, we cover a wide range of those common problems, which have been solved with various products and services offered by our advertisers, as well as other service providers and manufacturers. Here, you'll be able to find out more about some of the newest solutions to ongoing problems, as well as common strategies for dealing with troubles that are less common.

But we hope you won't stop here. If you have a problem to solve and you can't find a solution in these pages, talk about it! There's an entire industry of solution providers out there, chomping at the bit to come up with ways to turn your problems into solutions not only for you, but for the entire industry. In some cases, what begins as a customization of a simple product eventually evolves into an item that can be found on the catalog page. In other cases, innovative new strategies and approaches eventually become industry best practices.

This is how an industry evolves, improves and raises its own bar over and over again—through a continuous conversation, with follow-up and actions designed to take your problems and turn them into solutions.

Good luck out there! And may your headaches and fires of today be simple to douse!


Emily Tipping
Editorial Director,
Recreation Management