Wheels of Fortune: Funding ideas for skate parks and inline hockey facilities

Wheels of Fortune

Funding ideas for skate parks and inline hockey facilities

When it comes to skate parks or inline hockey rinks, sometimes the hardest part is getting the project rolling. With this obstacle in mind, we offer some creative funding and fundraising ideas, based on the real-life monetary experiences of several different skating facilities across the country. Pick up some tips on how to kick-start planning and secure funding.

Fitness Facility Facelift: Get a leg up on design, staffing and programming trends

Fitness Facility Facelift

Get a leg up on design, staffing and programming trends

If you remember when leg warmers and leotards were fashion statements at the health club, then you know how far fitness facilities—and their memberships—have come since then. Get a handle on this ever evolving and competitive industry and get your fitness facility in shape with the best design, programming and staffing ideas.

Getting the Biggest Splashes for Your Bucks: Current trends in aquatic design and programming

Getting the Biggest Splashes for Your Bucks

Current trends in aquatic design and programming

With many pools of the '50s and '60s taking their last laps both physically and functionally, communities are faced with three basic choices: repair, renovate or reinvest in the lap pool's more highly evolved counterpart, the aquatic center. Many communities, armed with public demand and backed by tax dollars, are choosing new aquatic centers. As a society our expectations for quality of life now include water recreation in a way that is unprecedented, resulting in facility design and programming innovations effecting everything from rec center tot pools to university rec and fitness centers to medical facilities.

Whether renovating the old or starting new, knowing what works in aquatic facility design and programming is critical. Find out what's hot and what's not in the booming industry of aquatics.

Bones of Contention: Exploring peeves and improving the conduct of your patrons and employees

Bones of Contention

Exploring peeves and improving the conduct of your patrons and employees

From smoking and blaring music to dress codes and foul language, can't we all just get along?

Be it hardcore smokers making a stink or kids running amok in locker rooms, we look at some common conflicts and offer solutions for finding a middle ground.

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Lives, Liabilities and Lawsuits on the Line

Defibrillators are becoming part of the "standard of care" for recreation facilities

In light of the nearly one-half million cases of unexpected cardiac arrest that occur annually in the United States, the effective deployment and use of AEDs can potentially go a long way in saving many lives.

Despite the fact that some recent reports indicate that perhaps as many as 50 percent of those individuals who suffer cardiac arrest could be saved by rapid external defibrillation, many health, fitness and recreational facilities have been slow to adopt an AED program based in part upon a perceived risk of claim and suit if such devices were made available and either used negligently or not used at all. Despite the foregoing, it is probably more likely than not that a failure to provide an AED program at health, fitness and recreation facilities will in the near future be subject to claims of negligence rather than the assertion of claims of negligence related to the improper use of such devices.

It's Not Just a Game Anymore

Combating violence in youth sports by teaching sportsmanship

One of the most unfortunate aspects of all programs is that sports violence is one of the most accepted types of negative behavior and abuse in our society. There's been a dramatic shift from enjoyment to intense competition.

Most of us look at this negative behavior at a ball game, and we're appalled when it turns into violence. But unfortunately, our sports programs and facilities are not immune to what occurs around us everyday. Find out how you can improve your programs.

Batter Up

What are the options when it comes to places to practice swings

Batting cages are becoming an essential practice tool used to train baseball and softball hitters from the youth leagues to the majors. Intensive hitting practice can be done safely in a controlled indoor or outdoor space, allowing each player to get many more swings than he or she would get on an open field. What's the right system for your facility?

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Texas-Sized Stadium

Reliant Park

If everything really is bigger is Texas, then Houston's Reliant Park is a prime example.

The facility is just plain huge, making Reliant Park one of the largest, most versatile sports, entertainment and convention sites in the United States. With the addition of two brand-new, state-of-the-art facilities—Reliant Stadium and Reliant Center—the campus has created a renewed interest in bringing quality events to the city of Houston. Additionally, Reliant Park has created new jobs, boosted the city's economy and created opportunities for various Houston businesses along the way.

Its All in the Wristband

The Great Barn at Stone Mountain Park

As it turns out, the newest town in Georgia is 130 years old—at least in spirit. Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta has created an 1870s rural southern town as its first new family attraction in more than 25 years.

One major focus of the recreated town is the 12,873-square-foot Great Barn, an indoor, four-story interactive playscape combining high-tech play with old-fashioned fun. In fact, the Great Barn uses 21st-century technology to teach about 19th-century farm life. It's like a giant, live video game. Visitors wear electronic wristbands to score points at more than 70 stations.

From Battlefield to Golf Bunker

Legends on the Niagara Golf Complex
Niagara Falls, Ontario

What do you get when you mix golf with history?

The answer is Legends of the Niagara, a deluxe, 45-hole golf complex carved out of land adjacent to a historic battlefield, opened last June. The $27 million (Canadian) facility, owned and operated by the Niagara Parks Commission, was designed as a major destination for golfers and history buffs alike.

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