MARCH 2006


Winter and Baseball


Command Performance: Sports performance training offers fitness facilities some room for improvement

Command Performance

Sports performance training offers fitness facilities some room for improvement

In the fitness arena, performance training seems to be booming, with even community fitness centers starting to offer more goal- and performance-oriented fitness opportunities. Learn about the latest developments.

Ready for their Close-up: Scoreboards that steal the spotlight

Ready for their Close-up

Scoreboards that steal the spotlight

The variety of scoreboards on the market can be mind-boggling: There's certainly an option for every application, from a hi-tech and entertaining goliath for a super stadium to a straightforward and efficient display for a local little league. We'll help you figure out what's best for your facility.

On the Waterfronts: Developing and maintaining beaches, shorelines and marinas

On the Waterfronts

Developing and maintaining beaches, shorelines and marinas

With Mother Nature playing a large role, beaches and boatyards tend to be in a secluded class of recreation facilities. Find out how to make yours shine, from crowd-pleasing amenities to profitable programming—all, of course, with a vigilant eye on safety.

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Dream Database

Association Guest Column: U.S. Paralympics

Athletes and facilities that offer disability sports programming will now have a much easier time getting hooked up, thanks to a new hub.

Green Rooms

Locker Rooms and Restrooms

Few businesses feel the effects of escalating bills for electricity, heat and water more than recreation, sports and fitness facilities that often operate 18 or more hours a day. Whether you are building a new facility or updating an existing one, you will realize restrooms and locker rooms afford ideal opportunities for containing utility costs—especially if you incorporate elements found in green buildings.

Employee Theft: The Big and Little of It

Management/Staff Strategies

The FBI reports that employee theft losses exceed an estimated $4.9 billion annually, averaging $700 per offense. Experts estimate that 30 percent of employees steal, and 60 percent will steal if given sufficient motive. Just as there are different degrees of theft, there are also different kinds.

Remember, It’s Only a Game

Industry Viewpoint

It seems as though that you can't pick up a newspaper, watch the evening news or find an article on the Internet about some sort of rage-related incident that had recently occurred—whether it be in an ice rink; football, baseball or soccer field; basketball or tennis courts; highway or even in a school or private home.

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Home Turf

Renaissance High School

In the Motor City, funding from a municipal bond and a community grant from the National Football League helped Renaissance High School acquire a synthetic turf field just like the pros.

The Air in There

Esquimalt Recreation Centre
Esquimalt Township in Victoria, British Columbia

The architectural combination of metal, glass and wood produces rave reviews at the new Esquimalt Recreation Centre indoor pool, but for the HVAC consulting engineer, Jimmy Ng, these condensation-generating materials presented a dehumidification and air-flow challenge.