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Special Supplement: Complete Guide to Sports Surfaces and Flooring: Something's Afoot

Special Supplement: Complete Guide to Sports Surfaces and Flooring

Something's Afoot

A little research and a lot of thoughtful planning go a long way to making a sports surface—be it indoors or outdoors, specific or multipurpose—a real asset to your community.

Play Hard: The latest in playground philosophy, design and components

Play Hard

The latest in playground philosophy, design and components

As we explore the latest in playground philosophy, equipment and design, be ahead of the curve on certain trends that are just emerging or reemerging, such as site-specific design, interaction with nature, accessibility and the promotion of dramatic play so kids' imaginations, not just their bodies, can run wild.

Beyond the Campfire: Summer camp sports head mainstream

Beyond the Campfire

Summer camp sports head mainstream

From archery to disc golf to orienteering, rec facilities across the country are bringing those camp experiences home to stay as part of their mission to broaden offerings and make sure that there's something for everyone to get active and get outdoors.

Adults on Ice: Grow your programming by appealing to grownups

Adults on Ice

Grow your programming by appealing to grownups

Keeping the ice busy is what keeps a venue in the black. Find out how some programming concepts—like reaching out to older skaters with lessons or leagues, for example—can help fill your rink's schedule.

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Preventing Recreational Water Illness Outbreaks

Association Guest Column: National Swimming Pool Foundation

A New York state park experienced a management nightmare in 2005 when a Cryptosporidium outbreak at a splash play area was linked to more than 3,000 illnesses that spread to 36 New York counties, 26 states and two countries. This incident is a reminder that all recreational facilities are vulnerable and must focus on both promoting pleasure and preventing pain.

Optimizing Staffing Levels in Food Courts: A Case Study at Mountain Creek

Operational Excellence

Few people likely know exactly how long it takes to lay out 16 hamburger buns and put cheese on 12 of them, but Mountain Creek's Black Belt Joe Hession does. That's because Hession is leading the resort toward Operational Excellence through a program called Lean Six Sigma, and he's just one of 24 Black Belts who have been trained in this methodology and implemented pilot programs across Intrawest's North American resorts.

Three Measures of Sanitizer

Aquatic Maintenance

Electronic controllers are becoming more and more prevalent in the pool and spa marketplace. The ability of controllers to continuously monitor and maintain water conditions makes them very popular with health departments, facility managers and municipal organizations. Chemical controllers simplify water maintenance by taking over much of the work involved.

Table of contents for JULY/AUGUST 2006 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Splash Play Area: The Only Water Feature in Town

Rotary Centennial Water Park
Sapulpa, Okla.

Like so many communities, Sapulpa, Okla., had made one investment in an aquatic facility decades ago, and it was for an indoor swimming pool. And, as is the case in many other communities, that pool's effectiveness had decreased dramatically as the years passed.

Waterfront Redevelopment: An Urban Work in Progress

Clinton Cove Park/Hudson River Park
New York

Hudson River Park is the largest open space project in Manhattan since Central Park was completed in the 1800s. Take a closer look at one of the park's major segments, Clinton Cove Park.

Greener Greens

Old Greenwood Golf Facility
Truckee, Calif.

A Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course nestled in the scenic mountains near Lake Tahoe, Calif., might be near heaven-on-earth for some. However, for the Old Greenwood golf facility and resort community, recently green-building certified, some would say the real beauty is in the economically and eco-friendly design.