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Special Supplement: Problem-Solver Guidebook:

Special Supplement: Problem-Solver Guidebook

Packed with plenty of practical tips and ideas, this handy question-and-answer guide to the common problems that plague recreation facilities can help you overcome your most troubling challenges. We provide advice on everything from aquatic centers to site furnishings, from playgrounds to food service—and everything in between.

Open Invitation: Landscape design brings in visitors

Open Invitation

Landscape design brings in visitors

Pulling your open spaces together can take a lot of planning and work. When it comes to making outdoor spaces more comfortable and inviting, there's an abundance of options. We offer expert guidance to help you design an inviting landscape.

An Exercise In Creativity: Fitness programs that lead the pack

An Exercise In Creativity

Fitness programs that lead the pack

It's past time for Americans to launch a war on obesity, and recreation managers are in the front line of this effort. We looked around the country to find inspiring success stories. Check out these innovations to bring some inspiration to your own programs.

Magnificently Multipurpose: Managing all-around facilities

Magnificently Multipurpose

Managing all-around facilities

From job applicants to functional facilities, we look for multitaskers to help us achieve great things. What does it take to create a recreational space that can be all things to all people? Do your homework, and you too can come up with a magnificent multipurpose space.

Table of contents for NOVEMBER 2006 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Mandated Training and Accountability

National Alliance for Youth Sports

Unruly parents, pressure-filled, win-at-all-costs ballgames—these issues can take all the fun out of youth sports. Greater accountability, training and educational programs can help remedy the problem.

Fighting Phosphates

Waterparks and Splash Play Areas

Aquatic technicians must wage a constant battle against algae, and phosphate levels are the key to control. Here's some insight on how phosphates affect pool water—and how you can deal with them.

The ABCs of Liability Waivers

Risk Management

For years, many have believed that waivers aren't worth the paper they're written on. We offer clarification on what waivers can and cannot do, providing the information needed to make the best use of this tool.

Raising the Grade on Playground Surfacing Safety

Safety Surfacing

The most recent report card from the National Program for Playground Safety gave America's playgrounds a C+, and surfacing gets an even lower grade. What is needed to bring up the grade and create safe playgrounds?

Table of contents for NOVEMBER 2006 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


One Step Ahead

Pinelands Sports Center in Southampton, N.J.

What does a high-school marching band have in common with senior citizens and summer campers? All benefit from this new sports center, which offers more than 30,000 square feet of multisport space.

On-Campus Resort

Gregory Gym Aquatic Center at the University of Texas, Austin

In the midst of winter, most college students long to escape for spring break fun at the beach. At the University of Texas at Austin, students would rather stay put and take advantage of the school's resort-like aquatic facilities.

Rustic Waters

White Water Bay in Queensbury, N.Y., and Fort Rapids Water Park in Columbus, Ohio

Surfing in New York and Ohio? Two northern theme parks have added indoor water recreation facilities with a rustic look to create year-round attractions.