MARCH 2007


Somebody Come and Play


Running the Trend Mill: The ever-evolving workout world

Running the Trend Mill

The ever-evolving workout world

There's never a shortage of people who want to get fit, but workout options are constantly changing. We take a look at the latest and greatest in the workout world to help you decide what to add—or keep—at your fitness facility.

Grand-Slam Scoreboards: Entertainment & timing technology come together

Grand-Slam Scoreboards

Entertainment & timing technology come together

Your scoreboard might not be your top concern when outfitting your sporting venue, but it's important to remember that all eyes will be on this crucial piece of equipment. Here's how to keep spectators entertained while keeping track of scores and seconds.

A Plan Four All Seasons: Four-season design for recreational enclosures

A Plan Four All Seasons

Four-season design for recreational enclosures

To create a recreational space suited for all seasons, you need to consider everything from your geographical location to the programming you offer. Ultimately, your four-season facility should let in the light and get patrons to play year-round.

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Checking Out Youth Sports Coaches

Association Guest Column: National Recreation and Park Association

Who's coaching your youth sports teams? How much do you really know about your volunteer coaches? NRPA, in partnership with three expert consultants, has developed a program to provide park districts and leagues the tools needed to perform national background checks on potential volunteers and give them proper training and identification.

Community Impact

The power of multi-generational destination parks

Destination parks offer a little bit of something for everyone, and enhance the well-being of the entire community. Providing a place where all can play unites the community and helps everyone get fit.

Great Expectations

Planning your spa for a successful launch

The spa business is the fourth largest leisure industry in the United States, with more than $11 billion in annual revenues. If you're thinking about adding a spa, make sure that a well-thought-out plan for a successful launch is already in place.

Aquatic Facility Maintenance

Delivering healthy indoor air quality

At least half of the recreational indoor pool facilities in North America are not delivering healthy indoor air quality. Recreation managers should know that proper indoor air quality requires a synergy between the building envelope, the air distribution, dehumidification equipment and water chemistry.

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A Ballfield With Soul

Seoul International Park in Los Angeles

In the neighborhood of Koreatown around Seoul International Park, kids no longer dream of playing baseball year-round—they live their dreams on the seventh Dodgers Dream Field. This $1.2 million renovation included installation of a long-lasting, low-maintenance synthetic turf field.

Not-So-Easy Access

Primland Resort in Meadows of Dan, Va.

Owners of mountaintop gold courses face a common dilemma: getting water to flow uphill. For the owner of the remote Primland Resort, the solution included a pipeline and four pump stations. But another problem quickly arose: building a cost-effective structure to house the pump stations.

Special Accommodations

Crystal Lake Campground in Lodi, Wis.

At Crystal Lake Campground, just outside of Madison, campers not only can choose from traditional campsites, but also A-frames, duplexes, mobile homes, cabins in the woods and a series of unique beachfront structures that provide a memorable camping experience—yurts.