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Survival of the Fitness: Adapt to Evolving Fitness Trends and Demographics—or Be Left Behind

Survival of the Fitness

Adapt to Evolving Fitness Trends and Demographics—or Be Left Behind

Hard-core fitness users have come to expect a sophisticated experience, and fitness facilities have stepped up to offer the equipment and programming they demand. But a growing demographic of exercise newbies are challenging the notion of what fitness facilities should provide.

Parks with Purpose: Preserving the Past, Designing the Future

Parks with Purpose

Preserving the Past, Designing the Future

We often take our surroundings for granted, but well-designed landscapes can help us tune back in. Through preservation, cultural planning and innovative landscape design, we can design parks that help patrons connect with their environment, whether it's the backdrop of a city skyline or a rural stream.

Dirty Business: What Your Restrooms Say About Your Park

Dirty Business

What Your Restrooms Say About Your Park

Restroom facilities may seem like a necessary evil, but you should remember that the number of people using your facility for recreation can be heavily influenced by the availability of a well-designed restroom. From durability and vandal-resistance to downright attractiveness, we consider all the elements of good restroom structures.

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Managing Wear and Overuse

Association Guest Column: Sports Turf Managers Association

As more demands are placed on sports fields and more events are programmed, the fields suffer, the staff suffers and, in the end, the players suffer. Here are some strategies to help avoid all that suffering and ensure your fields remain playable.

Serving the Student Body

State-of-the-Art Fitness on Campus

These days, fitness on campus means entering a spacious, expansive center that offers far more than a simple cardio or weight machine workout. Increasingly, fitness centers on campus have evolved to offer a more holistic health and wellness experience.

You've Come a Long Way, Baby

Aquatics have evolved over the years, and zero-depth entry, interactive water play and competitive swimming are now part of the lexicon. Family aquatic centers have evolved along with them to become a new way of life.

The War Against RWIs

Letters From the Front

As fighting continues to rage in the aquatics war against recreational water illnesses (RWIs), it's time to bring new recruits to the front lines. While operators of aquatic facilities must play a role, it's important to get all key players on board to truly make headway against this tenacious enemy.

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Tower of Strength

Strong Reach Playground in Bowdon, Ga.

When a mom and her daughters saw a boy with special needs relegated to the back of the playground, they asked why he couldn't play with other kids. They helped bring their community together to ensure all kids a place to play.

Beating the Heat

Marjorie Stoneman Douglas Park in Miami Beach, Fla.

When a park is too hot to play in from March through November, you know it's time for a smart solution. Adding shade helped get kids out of the sun, and into the park.