<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: <br><br>A Complete Guide to Aquatic Centers</strong>


A Complete Guide to Aquatic Centers

Dive right in to all the latest trends in aquatics. In this month's special aquatic supplement, we swim into the deep end to discover all the latest goings-on in aquatic design, safety and new innovations in aquatic programming. From local spraygrounds to regional waterparks, we've got the life aquatic covered.

Creative Programming and Marketing Draw Aquatic Crowds

Aquatic Center Design Gets Creative

Are Water and Air Quality on Your Radar Screen Yet?

Ride the New Wave: Skatepark Terrain for the 21st Century

Ride the New Wave

Skatepark Terrain for the 21st Century

When designing a new skatepark—or renovating an existing one—it's important to keep everyone's needs in mind. From newbies to old pros, as well as BMX-ers, we cover the latest trends in these extreme parks.

Solid Ground: Ensuring Turf Is Tough Enough

Solid Ground

Ensuring Turf Is Tough Enough

Facility directors know that managing sports fields and grounds is critical to ensure players' safety. This feature takes a closer look at the ground beneath our feet to get to the root of potential problems.

A Booming Market: Recreation and Fitness for Baby Boomers

A Booming Market

Recreation and Fitness for Baby Boomers

In 2006, the oldest of the baby boomers turned 60. As this generation ages, they'll be healthier, more active and trendier than previous generations. Facilities willing to tweak their programs to meet this generation's needs will find themselves a step ahead.

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Turn It Down

Dealing with Acoustical Issues in Recreational Facilities

Recreational spaces like gyms and natatoriums may be fun, but they can also be extremely noisy. Here's a look at some smart strategies for turning down the volume.

Shower Strategies

Reducing Maintenance & Water Use

Today there is a shower for virtually every application. Whether you operate an upscale fitness center or a community recreation center, determining your priorities and your members' needs is the first step in shower selection.

From Design to Technology

Individualizing the Fitness Experience

Having permeated every aspect of our increasingly busy lives, this input-versus-output mentality is following people to the gym, as well.

The Top 10 Skills of Effective Operations Managers

Take a look at this list of top skills for highly effective operations managers, and see how you stack up.

Table of contents for FEBRUARY 2008 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


All-Access Pass to Play

Tilles Park in Ladue, Mo.

When the playground at Tilles Park in Ladue, Mo., opened for its first full season this past May, its creators quickly realized that the park's goal to provide interactive play for children of all ages and abilities had succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.

Grades and Good Health

MiraCosta College in Oceanside, Calif.

Attending school just a few minutes from some of the best sun, sand and surf in Southern California could make it all too temping for MiraCosta College students to lounge at the beach. But varied and valuable classes keep them engaged, including the Wellness Center program.

Thirty Years and Running

The Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, N.J.

While other arenas of the same age are already at the end of their lives, the Meadowlands remains a viable facility, largely due to investments to increase energy efficiency and improve safety and security over the past 10 years.