MARCH 2008


Here Comes the Sun…


Fit to Be Hip: A Look at the Latest Fitness Trends

Fit to Be Hip

A Look at the Latest Fitness Trends

Like most things, fitness trends are constantly changing to keep up with participants' needs. While old staples are still alive and kicking, literally, new, out-of-the-box ideas are emerging onto the exercise scene.

Working With Warriors: Military Fitness and Recreation: Serving Those Who Serve

Working With Warriors

Military Fitness and Recreation: Serving Those Who Serve

Military recreation centers play diverse roles in service members' lives, serving as morale boosters and community builders. Learn more about the critical service these centers play.

Eco-Impact: Easy Being Green


Easy Being Green

Recreational facilities have been at the forefront of the green wave. As global warming and other environmental issues continue to grow the public's eco-consciousness, recreation managers must stay ahead of the curve and continue to deliver eco-friendly facilities.

The Main Event: Pulling It Off Without a Hitch

The Main Event

Pulling It Off Without a Hitch

From the humble fair to the glitz of an international festival, communities around the country are implementing new and creative ways to fund special events to bring in the public and their dollars.

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Sajai Foundation

A Little Education Goes a Long Way


Get 'em off the Couch...And Onto the Playground

As study after study emerges about the growing number of obese children in the United States, America's weight problem is casting a shadow on the health of its younger generations. New playground innovations can help reverse the negative trends.

Design Corner

Reduce Your Pool's Energy Footprint

Swimming pools are notorious users of energy—lots of it, from water to power and heating costs. This month, we consider some strategies for reducing your energy usage—and costs.

Sports Fields

Choose Wisely
The Wrong Turf Decision Could Cost You

Artificial turf is a huge investment, and making the wrong decision could cost you. Here are some reasons why the cheapest option might not be the wisest choice.

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Spraypark Makeover

Woodlands Water Play Park in St. Albert, Canada

When a popular sprayground attracted more patrons than it could handle, an upgrade was in order. Here's how one city makes water fun available to a region's worth of kids.

Making the Grade

Cesar Chavez Elementary School in Long Beach, Calif.

Going green is especially important in schools, where children are exposed for long periods to the problems posed by less eco-friendly building products. We look at how one school has raised the bar in California.

Weathering the Storm

Dunes Bible Camp in Ocean Park, Wash.

When stormy weather wreaks havoc on your landscape, make lemonade from those lemons. At the Dunes Bible Camp, a sawmill turns fallen timber from wasted wood to a wonderful resource.