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A Shady Place: Shelters to Suit Your Facility

A Shady Place

Shelters to Suit Your Facility

Everyone loves a little sunshine, but by now, we all know that too many rays can be life-threatening. That's why parks and recreation facilities across the country are installing shelters and shade structures that fit their sites.

All-Access Recreation: Going Beyond ADA to Meet All Needs

All-Access Recreation

Going Beyond ADA to Meet All Needs

As the federal government looks to update the standards associated with the ADA law, learn more about how to make your facility more inviting to patrons of all abilities.

Winter Wonderlands: Tips for the Off-Season

Winter Wonderlands

Tips for the Off-Season

If you've been closing things down or winding down for winter, you're missing a great opportunity to get potential patrons out of their doors and into yours. This month, we look at some ways to keep things rolling all season long.

Hit The Trails: Building Active & Vital Communities

Hit The Trails

Building Active & Vital Communities

Properly built and maintained trails serve as a quintessential amenity for the communities that use them. And with energy prices soaring, more people are stepping out or biking their way to work and play.

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Design Corner: Finding Direction

Wayfinding is a critical part of your facility's design, serving to help patrons figure out where their going, and possibly helping to reinforce your facility's image. Learn more about putting direction front and center.

Pools/Aquatics: Avoiding Entrapment

The Impact of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act

Learn more about how the passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act impacts your aquatic facility.

Pest Control: Birds Versus Ballparks

If birds are a problem at your sports facility, you'll want to do something about it right away. Learn how such standouts as Wrigley Field have handled their pest problems.

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Building Bodies, Building Awareness

Shane's Inspiration Playgrounds in Los Angeles

Shane's Inspiration has built several accessible playgrounds throughout the Los Angeles area, but it also goes one step further, by introducing programs that get kids of all abilities to play together.

Telling the Story

Killbear Provincial Park in Nobel, Ontario

With stunning views and ample education, this new environmentally friendly visitors center fits right into its park setting.

Saving Energy Saves Pool

Stonehurst Plantation in Augustine, Fla.

When this community pool needed repairs, the team went one step further. In addition to fixing a leaky problem, they also drastically reduced the cost of running the facility.


Marion Skatepark in Marion, Ark.

This town learned that providing a skatepark protects kids from the dangers of skating in the local streets and parking lots, while attracting newcomers to the sport and setting an example for other towns.