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A Growing Wave: Reaching Diverse Audiences With Aquatic Programming

A Growing Wave

Reaching Diverse Audiences With Aquatic Programming

After Michael Phelps swam his way to a record-breaking medal win in the Summer Olympics, interest in swimming surged among adults and children alike. Learn how aquatic facilities are taking advantage of this interest and rolling out programs to increase involvement.

Going to the Dogs: A Growing Community Trend

Going to the Dogs

A Growing Community Trend

There are more than 74 million dogs in the United States, and progressive recreation managers recognize this untapped customer base. More dog parks are opening across the country as a result. We take a look at some of the obstacles and the ways to overcome them.

Safe Havens: Building & Maintaining Safe Playgrounds

Safe Havens

Building & Maintaining Safe Playgrounds

There's a lot more to playground planning and design than meets the eye. When it comes to safety, much thought goes into creating safe equipment, and an equal amount of consideration should be given to keeping them safe once they're in place.

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Fitness & Exercise: A Family Affair

As a fitness facility, developing programs specifically for families can provide an opportunity for families to interact in a meaningful, constructive way—either competitively or recreationally.

Design Corner: Partnering for Win-Win Results

Parks planning community centers or other projects should consider collaborating with other government entities and private organizations to achieve more.

Green Aquatics: Eco-Friendly Pool Draining

When it's time to drain the pool, it's important to remember the scarcity of water and the dangers of polluting and take measures to conserve.

Splash Play Areas: The Evolution of the Sprayground

Key Design Considerations in Interactive Aquatic Play

Splash play areas are far more than just sprinklers for kids of all ages. With careful planning, you can be certain that kids of all ages will benefit from this popular park addition.

Table of contents for JANUARY 2009 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


A Health & Wellness Sanctuary

ACAC Downtown in Charlottesville, Va.

Aiming to get inactive adults and their families into a fitness program, ACAC Downtown creates a retreat from daily pressures, inspiring members to embrace their personal health and the environment.

Pumping Iron

Monterey Sports Center in Monterey, Calif.

When it needed a new way to get members in and out of its doors, the Monterey Sports Center turned to an automated solution.

Down on the Farm

Stephen D. Persinger Recreation Center in Geneva, Ill.

When it comes to fitting in with its surroundings, designers of this new recreation center in Geneva, Ill., knocked the ball out of the park.