<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT<br><br>A Guide to Aquatic Centers</strong>


A Guide to Aquatic Centers

Devoted to the life aquatic, our special guide to aquatic centers explores some of the latest trends impacting aquatic facility managers, from adding waterpark-like attractions to how to get more from your existing rectangular pool. We also look at success stories in staffing lifeguards, as well as operational issues of the day.

Aquatic Design Trends

Staffing Aquatic Facilities

Aquatic Operations Adjust With the Times

Grind Into Action: Getting Your Skatepark Rolling

Grind Into Action

Getting Your Skatepark Rolling

Skateboarding has been growing its acceptability over time—and cities are helping build that cachet as they build skateparks. Find out what you need to know to get your project rolling.

Field Goals: Maintaining Sports Fields & Grounds

Field Goals

Maintaining Sports Fields & Grounds

Synthetic and natural turf both come with their pros and cons, but one thing remains constant: Both require specific types of maintenance. We take a look at some of the overarching requirements, as well as current trends in turf.

Inspiring a Lifetime of Health: Wellness Programming for the Under-18 Crowd

Inspiring a Lifetime of Health

Wellness Programming for the Under-18 Crowd

Reaching teens, tweens and younger kids with programming to inspire a healthy future can be a challenge. This month, we look at some successful programs from across the country.

Table of contents for FEBRUARY 2009 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Locker Rooms & Restrooms

Being Green, Seeing Green

When you're friendly to the environment, you're also friendly to your bottom line. When you green up your restroom and locker room components, you improve your facility's value.

Exercise & Fitness

Women & Weights: Overcoming Barriers

When it comes to getting women involved in weight-training for fitness, there are obstacles to overcome.

Design Corner

Managing a Cutting-Edge Aquatic Center

When it comes to operating an aquatic center on the cutting edge, ensuring great customer service is one key to pleasing the public.

Table of contents for FEBRUARY 2009 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Metal of Honor

Carbondale Recreation & Community Center in Carbondale, Colo.

Though LEED-Gold certification wasn't the goal when this facility was planned, careful consideration of the environment led to success—and an outstanding facility.