MARCH 2009


A Little Stimulation


Drawn to the Water: How Aquatic Settings Can Become a Community Gathering Place

Drawn to the Water

How Aquatic Settings Can Become a Community Gathering Place

Got water? Whether it's a river, a lakefront or an oceanfront beach, you can maximize your waterfront's ability to draw in the public from both near and far.

Shaping Up: Staying on Top of Fitness Trends

Shaping Up

Staying on Top of Fitness Trends

Every year, the American Council on Exercise takes a look at the major trends it expects to impact fitness equipment and programs. We take a look at some top trends, and ask the experts to weigh in.

The Nature Connection: Outdoor Programming Takes Off

The Nature Connection

Outdoor Programming Takes Off

Facilities across the country are looking at innovative ways to get kids of all ages out to enjoy nature. From a 4-H Camp for older adults to programs to encourage women to get outside, we consider some impressive successes.

Save Some Green: Smart Cost-Cutting Strategies

Save Some Green

Smart Cost-Cutting Strategies

In times like these, cutting operating expenses should be every facility manager's objective. But even in times of economic stability, it always pays to examine operating expenses to eliminate waste and reallocate resources to enhance the public's enjoyment of your facilities.

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Design Corner

Sustainability Is a Team Sport

When you want to design a greener facility, it's critical to get the entire team behind the effort from the beginning of the planning process.


New Heights in Play

When it comes to playground safety, many will argue that taller is not better. But it's important to remember that climbing to a challenging height offers a beautiful view—as well as other benefits—to kids.


Outbreak Survival Guide

A Texas facility director was faced with a Crypto outbreak raging through the county, but took heart in smart practices to prevent problems at her own facility. Read her story to learn how you can survive an outbreak in your area.

Park Management

Winning Gold

Why have so many Illinois parks won the gold award from the National Recreation & Park Association? One expert takes a look at how the organizational structure and autonomy of the agencies may have an impact.

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In The Wake of Disaster

Lake Charles Park & Recreation in Lake Charles, La.

After two hurricanes wreaked havoc on this beautiful city's parks, there was a need to rebuild. But at the same time parks were being brought back to a usable state, the city adapted an approach that encouraged the use of shade structures to protect children—and investments—from the sun's damaging rays.

A Natural Fit

Recreation Complex at University of California, Santa Barbara

The new addition at the University of California, Santa Barbara's Recreation Complex fits nicely into its surroundings, giving patrons a beautiful view from both inside and out.

Fit Floors

Southtowns Family YMCA in West Seneca, N.Y.

When this YMCA's fitness flooring started to wear out, it looked for a solution that was easy to clean and sound-absorbing to keep the first floor from hearing every detail of the workouts going on above.