APRIL 2009


Spring Green

The Great Outdoors


<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: <br><br>A Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings</strong>


A Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings

Designing a site, adding a playground, and selecting and placing site furnishings requires careful consideration. From play spaces that educate and engage youth to aesthetically pleasing spots for engaging with nature, facility managers must carefully consider current trends in their communities and beyond to ensure their parks have impact.

Trends in Playground Equipment

Designing & Outfitting Your Park

Splashing Around: The Backyard Sprinkler Goes High-Tech

Splashing Around

The Backyard Sprinkler Goes High-Tech

As more and more parks and recreation facilities add splash play elements, the designs of these fun-in-the-sun elements get ever more innovative. We take a look at how this cool trend is heating up.

Reaching Out: Recreation in Underserved Communities

Reaching Out

Recreation in Underserved Communities

The benefits of recreation, fitness and sports facilities are myriad, but not everyone has easy access to those benefits. This month, we offer up three great examples from California to show how you can reach out to these underserved areas.

The Height of Adventure: Climbing Walls for Exercise & Recreation

The Height of Adventure

Climbing Walls for Exercise & Recreation

Climbing may attract a specific niche of recreation fans to your facility, but there are ways to ensure that niche is as wide as possible. We consider the basics of indoor climbing: who you should be targeting and what kinds of walls work.

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Design Corner: Control Central

The Control Desk Can't Be Ignored

In the fun and excitement of considering the latest bells and whistles, proper attention to one of the recreation center's most important features—the control desk—is sometimes overlooked.

Multipurpose Flooring

Optimize Your Flooring

As multipurpose facility flooring must combat never-ending traffic and provide adequate support, it is imperative for specifiers to understand the need for a high-performance solution adaptable to multiple activities.


The Rite Site, The Right Design

Experts from Skaters for Public Skateparks offer advice and tips on getting the site right.

Aquatic Staffing: In-Service in Real Time

Lifeguard Training Through Daily Relationships

Learn how to turn daily interactions between lifeguards and aquatic facility managers into learning experiences that can drastically reduce the need for in-service training during non-working hours.

Table of contents for APRIL 2009 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


Sharing the Lakefront

Chicago Park District Lakefront & Beaches, Chicago

When Canada geese and ring-billed gulls became a problem at Chicago's beaches on Lake Michigan, the park district took a multi-pronged approach to clean things up.

Catching Kids Getting Healthy

Catch Kids Club at Keene Recreation Center in Keene, N.H.

When a recreation programmer in Keene needed a program he could implement quickly and economically to combat childhood obesity in his part of the state, he turned to the tried-and-true CATCH Kids Club.