<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT<br><br>A Guide to Aquatic Centers</strong>


A Guide to Aquatic Centers

In our annual look beneath the surface of aquatic facilities, we examine timely concerns: making the most of your aquatic facility, while reducing operating costs. Whether it's smart design, clever programming innovations or strategies for safety, there are plenty of ways to ensure your aquatic facility is a cut above.

Economy's Tumult Drives Aquatic Facility Plans

Programming Your Pool for Fitness & Fun

Aquatic Safety & Staffing

Riding High: Getting Skateparks Done Right

Riding High

Getting Skateparks Done Right

Skateboarding is as popular as ever, but skateparks are an evolving breed of recreation and sports facility. This month we look at current trend, including the greening up of skateparks and the importance of programming.

Breaking Ground: Making the Most of Your Sports Fields

Breaking Ground

Making the Most of Your Sports Fields

No matter what type of turf you deploy, your sports fields need careful consideration to ensure they remain in playing shape. We offer advice from those in the know to help you stay on top of your game.

Generation Recreation: From Multigenerational to Intergenerational Programming

Generation Recreation

From Multigenerational to Intergenerational Programming

When it comes to programming, there's no single answer, and no single program will support an entire community. However, many facilities are looking to unite the generations, with programming to accommodate a combination of active older adults and younger folk, too.

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Restrooms & Locker Rooms

Coming Clean in the Restroom
How Well-Maintained Restrooms Encourage Hand-Washing

When you design your restrooms well, they can encourage smart hand-washing behaviors.

Design Corner

Your Visual Voice

Have you ever entered a facility where everything seems to speak the same language? There are design pros who can help make that happen.

Risk Management

Preventing Injuries or Preventing Lawsuits?

This month, an expert in sport and recreation law asks an important question: What is the point of risk management, anyway?

Table of contents for FEBRUARY 2010 issue of Recreation Management Magazine


A Life-Saving Solution

YMCA of Greater Omaha in Omaha, Neb.

When a member went under in one of this YMCA's pools, a savvy lifeguard was able to come to the rescue—with the aid of a device that allowed him to skip phoning for help.