<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: <br>A Guide To Recreation & Sports Surfaces</strong>

A Guide To Recreation & Sports Surfaces

Savvy directors of sports and recreation facilities know that the surface beneath their players' and patrons' feet is a critical element of their success. This month, we provide a guide to this essential amenity, looking in-depth at sports field and court surfaces, as well as playground safety surfaces and more.

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Synthetic & Natural Turf

Uncovering the Right Sports Flooring Solution

Adding More Safety to Play

Fun For The Whole Family: Waterpark Options for All Ages

Fun For The Whole Family

Waterpark Options for All Ages

While waterparks tend to attract plenty of teens and kids, they also offer plenty of adult-friendly amenities. Here are some tips to help ensure your waterpark is making everyone happy.

Friendly Amenities: Making Decisions About Restroom Structures

Friendly Amenities

Making Decisions About Restroom Structures

When you really want to please your park patrons, it's important to provide every amenity. Restroom structures might not be first on your list, but their absence will be one of the first things people notice.

Kids Get Active: After-School Programs to the Rescue

Kids Get Active

After-School Programs to the Rescue

With childhood obesity still a major challenge, many after-school programs are tackling the problem head-on, with education and activities to help kids eat healthy and get active.

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Internships & the Law

Unpaid internships may sound like a good deal for your organization, but they could represent a legal landmine. Learn the facts and make sure you handle internships properly.


The Best of Both Worlds
Incorporating Nature Into the Built Playground Environment

Immersion in nature is an important piece of childhood development. Finding ways to deliberately design nature back into children's lives will encourage imagination, discourage obesity, and helps develop the environmental stewards of tomorrow.


Now Serving Profit-Packed Ideas

Concessions offer a way to reap a profit at your facility. This month we consider some of the ways you can maximize your results by providing fun food for everyone.

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Aquatic Enhancement

Memorial Pool in Pasco, Wash.

When the time came to improve a 60-year-old swimming pool, the team dedicated to the project came up with an economical solution that could also inject a bit of fun.

Giving Back

Newtown Youth Academy in Newtown, Conn.

When a private developer wanted to give back to his home town, he tapped his long-term involvement with youth sports to build a multi-million-dollar indoor recreation complex.