MARCH 2011


Say It Ain't So…


Play It Safe: Improving Safety for Your Play Spaces

Play It Safe

Improving Safety for Your Play Spaces

On the playground, it's all about fun and games for the kids, but beneath and surface and behind the equipment, there's a whole world of careful design and research to help improve safety.

Fit To Be Tried: Top Trends in Fitness Programming

Fit To Be Tried

Top Trends in Fitness Programming

Fitness fads come and fitness fads go, and it's important to know which bandwagon to jump on. This month, we take a look at some of the latest trends to hit the health club scene.

Focus on Members: In a Tough Market, Customer Relations Is at a Premium

Focus on Members

In a Tough Market, Customer Relations Is at a Premium

Good customer service is critical to running your business or facility. We talked to some experts and distilled their advice to help you keep your clientele happy.

Maintenance Series: Spraygrounds: Don't Walk Away<br><em>Spraygrounds Require Ongoing Maintenance </em>

Maintenance Series: Spraygrounds

Don't Walk Away
Spraygrounds Require Ongoing Maintenance

Once you've got a sprayground in place, it's critical that you don't forget about it. Constant maintenance and attention is required to keep the splashes coming.

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Design Corner

Making Aquatics More Cost-Effective

With budgets stretched to the limit, many facilities are wondering how they can run their aquatic facilities without running into the red. Here are some ideas on making things more cost-effective.

Sports Fields

Clearing the Clutter
What Matters Most in an Artificial Turf System

Artificial turf sports fields are a great option for facilities that want to get more play in more weather. But before you buy, you need to know a thing or two about the surface—and what lies beneath it.


Moving Beyond Political Ideology in the Budget Battle

Want to keep your budget off the chopping block? One way to get through the ideological clouds surrounding budgetary issues is to offer hard evidence of what the people in your community really want.

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Camps: A Welcome Respite

Camp Colley in Phoenix, Ariz.

Phoenix residents who are looking for a place to get away and enjoy nature need look no further than Camp Colley, a haven away from the big city where nature rules and visitors can immerse themselves in the experience.

Aquatics: Graceful Aging

Pittsburgh Field Club in Fox Chapel, Pa.

When this upscale facility's swimming pool started showing its age, an innovative solution for renovation provided a like-new pool.