APRIL 2011


<strong>SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT: <br><br>A Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings</strong>


A Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings

A park is far more than a piece of property where people hang out. To get it right, you need to enlist the help of landscaping experts, as well as the equipment manufacturers on top of the latest trends. This guide takes a closer look at the detailed work that goes into park and playground planning.

Stretch Your Dollars, Boost Your Impact

Inclusive Play on the Upswing

When Outfitting Your Park, Context Matters

Puddle-Loving Fun: New Developments in Sprayground Design

Puddle-Loving Fun

New Developments in Sprayground Design

From themes and a colorful variety of product types to improved technology for managing water quality and efficiency, splash play areas are adapting to new trends that make them even more valuable to the communities they serve.

Ascending on a Budget: Making Money-Smart Decisions With Climbing Walls

Ascending on a Budget

Making Money-Smart Decisions With Climbing Walls

Whether you need to revamp your existing wall to refresh visitors' experience, or you'd like to add something completely new, there are ways to get what you need without breaking the bank.

Marching Ahead: The Connection Between Recreation & Quality of Life

Marching Ahead

The Connection Between Recreation & Quality of Life

With a large number of soldiers deployed and returning from conflict, and an increasing population of wounded veterans, military installations and communities are improving programs and offering new services to bring recreation to wounded warriors and military families.

Maintenance Series: Eco-Friendly: Clean and Green<br>
<em>Eco-Friendlier Maintenance Practices</em>

Maintenance Series: Eco-Friendly

Clean and Green
Eco-Friendlier Maintenance Practices

To get a green facility, you don't necessarily have to start from scratch. Simply adapting your maintenance practices to be a little eco-friendlier can help you use what you have more effectively.

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Design Corner

Windows and Walls
A Double Standard in Energy Efficiency

If you boost your energy efficiency by focusing on the design of your walls, but ignore the windows, you're missing a great opportunity to really make an impact.

Intramural Sports

Women in Intramurals
A Look at Declining Participation

There are many reasons why fewer women are participating in intramurals. Encouraging participation requires a different approach.

Sports Surfaces

Selecting Sports Surfaces for Your Facility

When it's time to replace your court surfaces, here are six steps to take to ensure you get the right fit for your facility.

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Turf: Answered Prayers

Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Mo.

When this high schools synthetic turf field was due for replacement, a unique solution allowed them to reduce costs, while recycling much of the old field. The results were delivered in record time, to much applause.