APRIL 2016


A Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings

A Guide to Playgrounds & Park Furnishings

In our annual Guide to Playgrounds and Park Furnishings, we take a closer look at what makes the most successful parks tick. Feature stories examine the importance of access to nature in urban areas with a look at urban park design, as well as multigenerational play, and site furnishing selection and placement.

Urban Park Design Provides Access to Nature

For those who dwell in urban and even some suburban areas, access to nature can be difficult, or even nonexistent. Here's how park designers help address the shortage—by creating parks that provide a respite from the daily urban grind.

Bring Your Community Together With Fun And Fitness for Everyone

These days, many of us are living longer. And longer lives means more seniors to serve in our communities, and a broader range of active ages and interests and abilities to engage. While playgrounds will almost always be focused on children, more communities are finding ways to encourage play across all generations.

Pay Attention to Quality, Environment When Furnishing Your Site

Site furnishings bring character and balance to a park's open space, with benches, water fountains and picnic tables being just a few of the common accessories you can find. But furnishing your park site requires careful planning, too, with one of the best ways being to understand or determine the common or intended use for your specific areas.

The Spray's the Thing: The Latest Trends in Splash Play Areas

The Spray's the Thing

The Latest Trends in Splash Play Areas

A natural connection is an important part of the park setting. In this feature, we'll look at how splash play areas are taking cues from nature to create inspiring settings, in addition to offering an understanding of water treatment options that help save water.

Reaching New Heights: Growing Your Climbing Program

Reaching New Heights

Growing Your Climbing Program

Getting your climbing program off the ground means understanding your options, from flexible climbing solutions that help you expand your programming to knowing how to keep everyone safe in your facility.

Making Waves on the Waterfront: Recreational Amenities in and Near Water See Surging Interest

Making Waves on the Waterfront

Recreational Amenities in and Near Water See Surging Interest

Providing a range of recreational options can bring in revenue and boost excitement in the community. From riverfront parks to reclaimed lakes to manmade family aquatic centers, what are some ideas for transforming a source of water into a source of Wow!

Get In on the Action: Programming Skateparks & Bike Parks for Safety & Success

Get In on the Action

Programming Skateparks & Bike Parks for Safety & Success

From initial design through operation, skateparks and bike parks are a crucial amenity to the communities they serve, providing an outlet for kids and helping them meet and overcome common challenges.

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Safety vs. Risk on the Playground

Playground safety has come a long way over the years. But has it come too far? The best playgrounds still encourage children to take risks in order to learn and grow.

Drought vs. El Nino

Water Chemistry for a Crazy Climate

Water is central to our climate, and also to our aquatic experiences. Managing water quality and chemistry in swimming pools can be a real challenge in today's crazy climate.

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Make Your Mark With Playground Design

Your playground can stand out from the pack, but it's crucial that you work closely with an experienced and successful playground manufacturer to make it happen.

Design Corner

Orchestrating Your Building

The best sports, recreation and fitness facilities are designed by a team that works closely together, with an architect who acts as the conductor to orchestrate the beauty that is the end result.

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Sports Fields

The Trojans' War
Iowa City West High School in Iowa City, Iowa

When this high school needed a new field for its football team and other programs, it looked to the experience of local experts.

Art & Sport

All in Bronze
University of Akron in Akron, Ohio

Situated right outside the entrance to the InfoCision football stadium at the University of Akron in Ohio is a special new addition—a John W. Heisman Custom Bronze Statue.

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Fitness & Exercise Equipment

Waterfront & Marina Products

New Product Ideas

Problem-Solver Showcase

One of the major goals of Recreation Management always has been to give our readers the practical tips and solutions they need to run more successful facilities and programs. In that spirit, our Problem-Solver Showcase is designed specifically to simplify this process. Following are loads of ideas to help solve many common problems facility managers encounter day in and day out. Feel free to browse this detailed information on the latest products and services designed to tackle tough issues head on.