Aquatic Trends Report

Aquatic Trends Report

The 2021 Aquatic Trends Report

In our third annual Aquatic Trends Report, we examine the results of our survey of hundreds of aquatic professionals to uncover the latest trends in their facilities, covering everything from equipment and programming to budgets and challenges, as well as the impact of COVID-19.

General Facility Information

Budget Issues

Water & Resource Management

Outfitting Aquatics


Safe in the Water

Tracking Usage of the MAHC

Industry-Wide Challenges

The Pandemic Effect

Field Goals: Sports Turf Selection & Maintenance

Field Goals

Sports Turf Selection & Maintenance

When it comes to creating effective sports fields for players of all ages, there are many factors to take into account. From turf and lighting choices to seating and other amenities, ensuring the safety and comfort of players and spectators is key.

Raise the Woof!: Incorporate Dog-Friendly Amenities

Raise the Woof!

Incorporate Dog-Friendly Amenities

Dog parks have been among the fastest-growing amenities in parks for the past decade or more, and the pandemic has only further emphasized that people need an outdoor place to take their pets (and themselves) for exercise and socialization. But setting up a dog park isn’t as simple as fencing off an area and letting the pooches play.

The Fitness Challenge: Ongoing Adaptations for the Hard-Hit Health Club Industry

The Fitness Challenge

Ongoing Adaptations for the Hard-Hit Health Club Industry

Like many businesses, fitness facilities have struggled to stay afloat amidst the rolling closures of the coronavirus pandemic. Staying competitive is more important than ever, which means knowing the latest trends is crucial.

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Champion Results

Thompson-Boling Arena, University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tenn.

The University of Tennessee’s Thompson-Boling Assembly Center has been a community landmark and gathering space since 1987. Since 2008, nearly $40 million in upgrades and improvements have improved the facility for everyone.

How to Reassure Clients It's Safe to Return to the Gym

The impact of the global pandemic continues to be felt around the world, and the fitness sector has faced vast challenges. Here are three ways to reassure existing and new members that it’s safe to come back to the gym for a workout.

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A Better Future
Safe Public Restroom Practices & Design

In a time when everyone’s focused on disease prevention and safety, park restrooms should be designed to protect patrons health and well-being.


Wi-Fi-Enabled Parks: Activities and Possibilities

With so many folks carrying smart phones, you can help them engage in more outdoor recreation by providing Wi-Fi-enabled programming at your parks.

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Pandemic? Hunt Monsters!
>> FV Monster Hunters // Fountain Valley, Calif.

The pandemic might have put a stop to a lot of programming for large groups of people, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. This creative program in Fountain Valley gave kids a chance to get outdoors and hunt monsters while maintaining social distancing.

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