Play in the Shade

Landscape Structures introduces CoolToppersTM, a fully integrated shade system to provide protection from the sun's heat and harmful rays on the playground. They can integrate into a Landscape Structures PlayBooster® system, cover an entire playstructure, or create a shaded ground-level play or seating area. CoolToppersTM feature sturdy 5-inch-diameter galvanized-steel PlayBooster® posts that support a canopy of durable Shadesure® fabric made of high-density polyethylene. Choose from four fabric colors and three styles: Full Sail, Pyramid and Single Post Cool Mister. The Cool Mister has two spray heads that, when activated, spray a fine, cooling mist for 10 seconds.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-4FUNLSI

Buildings to Go

Easi-Set® transportable precast concrete buildings are an effective building solution for any park and recreation application. Use these secure, weather-tight, durable buildings for restrooms, concession stands, dugouts, ticket booths, guard or ATM stations, and for general or hazardous material storage. Sizes are available from 10-feet-by-12-feet to 40-feet-by-100-feet, with various maintenance-free finishes. Installation is quick and easy, with no additional foundation required. The buildings are UL-752 bullet-resistance tested, and wind-load tested to 130 mph (standard) or up to 150 mph (custom). Interior outfitting is available for custom applications. Purchase Easi-Set® buildings from licensed manufacturers throughout North America.

Easi-Set Industries: 800-547-4045

Freespan Space

Air Supported Structures provide an instant, economical solution to covered freespan space. The Farley Group offers 30 years of experience in design and fabrication of air-supported structures to provide turnkey projects from concept to completion. Farley representatives work with you from the ground up to design, engineer, manufacture, install and service your structure. Financing packages are available for up to 120 months.

The Farley Group: 519-821-5422

Concrete Solutions

CXT offers precast concrete vault, flush, compost and shower facilities. Various building designs come in a wide variety of colored and textured 4-inch-thick, steel-reinforced concrete. Textures include split face and slump block, horizontal lap siding, stone, barnwood, and roof textures such as cedar shake, standing seam and asphalt shingle. The structures come with an engineer's stamped drawings and calculations and are designed to meet or exceed local and state building codes, as well as ADA requirements.

CXT Precast Concrete Products: 800-663-5789

Personal Impressions

Poligon® offers four new landscape shelters to help you create a clear architectural statement and an unforgettable impression using the latest designs from Poligon®. These shelters are open-ended with specialized ornamentation that is customized with your park's name and logo. Make a grand entrance with the Gateway, announce landscape boundaries with the Portal, mark path intersections with the Crossing, and offer intimate outdoor settings with the Wayside. Unify your park by repeating your name and logo on all these shelters. Choose from a variety of roof colors, gable designs, ornamentation and frame finishes.

Poligon, W.H. Porter: 800-354-7721

Advanced Shelters

Advance Canvas Design manufactures Advance Yurts, Earthworks Tipis, Platform Pitched Wall Tents and Outfitters Wall Tents. Providing high-quality products to the parks and recreation industry for more than 20 years, Advance Canvas Design has helped to redefine the standards for the entire industry with its innovative designs and exacting craftsmanship. Generous standard features and affordability add value and help budgets go farther. Choose from a variety of options to customize the products to fit your project specifications.

Advance Canvas Design: 800-288-3190

Prefab Structures

Walcon, Inc., offers concrete, steel and wood modular structures including shower buildings, classrooms, office areas, general storage, guardhouses and ticket booths, as well as shelters and canopies. Choose from 40 designs of manufactured restroom buildings in flush, vault or composting systems. Restrooms and other modular buildings come to your prepared site prefabricated and ready for installation. Select one of many standard designs or customize your building to your project specifications. The restroom pictured is used at a high-school sports field. The building is a flush system four-stall restroom with shelter and canopy.

Walcon, Inc.: 888-925-2660

Open and Shut

New and exciting design opportunities are now possible by combining your unique ideas with OpenAire's operable skylights and retractable enclosures. At the touch of a button, motorized panels retract to open as much as 50 percent of the roof area. Enjoy year-round use of facilities. Maintenance-free, thermally broken aluminum framing systems provide an effective moisture barrier and withstand the harsh environment of indoor pools. Structures can span distances of more than 100 feet and maintain a deflection of L/180. Glazing options include 25-mm glass or cost-effective 25-meter quintuple wall polycarbonate. OpenAire's high-quality structures are custom-designed and installed worldwide.

OpenAire Inc.: 905-819-8535