Super Rider

Hustler Turf Equipment introduces the 72-inch side-discharge deck to the Super ZTM, one of the fastest Z-riders on the market. The Super ZTM features a 25-horsepower Kawasaki engine; tough frame, deck, spindles and caster wheels; and an integral park-brake system incorporated into the steering system. A foot-operated, spring-assisted deck-lift system makes trailering and cutting-height changes simple. At 75 inches long, the Hustler Z is one of the most compact units in the 60-inch market. Its wide stance, low center of gravity and outstanding machine balance makes the Hustler Z excellent at slope-mowing. Optional mulching kit and BAC-VACTM catcher are available.

Hustler Turf Equipment: 800-395-4757

Stylish Stones

Changes in grade elevations and hillside homesites provide maximum opportunities for landscaping enhancement. Buechel Stone offers a wide range of weathered edge and snap-faced wall stone available in a variety of sorted thicknesses. The key to successful landscaping with boulders and outcroppings is making the best use of their size and color. While they are effective as retaining walls and points of interest, their mass should be considered in the overall setting. Buechel Stone quarries a full range of boulders, outcroppings and cobblestones in a variety of colors to help you achieve the best effects from the stones you select.

Buechel Stone Corporation: 800-236-4473

Vacuum Hard Spots

The new 15-foot wanderhose 101-D from MADVAC retrieves litter in hard-to-reach areas such as tree wells, telephone booths, bus shelters and stairways. This retractable handheld hose extension is stored easily into the holster when not in use. MADVAC's self-compacting system efficiently picks up glass, metal, bottles, cans, cardboard, plastic or any debris-wet or dry-that fits into its 8-inch-diameter hose. The hose features a 48-inch-wide dual vacuum head with one-touch up/down lift; patented straight-through suction; 60-gallon container, 28-horsepower Kubota liquid cooled diesel, hydrostatic drive and fully hydraulic machine operation, power-assisted vacuum arm, easy-access disposable bag, and heavy-duty suspension.


Algae Control

Becker Underwood, Inc.. has received EPA registration to begin packaging its newest aquatic vegetation control product, Admiral, in water-soluble packets (WSPs). Introduced in May, 2000, Admiral Liquid is a popular product for the management of ponds, lakes, fountains and fish hatcheries. By restricting certain wavelengths of sunlight, Admiral controls the growth of algae and other aquatic vegetation, while improving the visual aesthetics of your water with a natural-looking blue color. Currently available as a concentrated liquid in 1-gallon jugs and 5-gallon drums, Admiral's upcoming EPA-registered formulation in WSPs eliminates the need to measure or handle actual product.

Becker Underwood Inc.: 800-232-5907

That's a Cut

The Scag Turf Tiger Advantage deck minimizes double-cutting, even with tall grasses or weeds. The deck ensures maximum airflow, standing up tall grasses for a clean cut. Combine the productive Advantage deck features with the Turf Tiger's 10-mph ground speed, 10-gallon fuel capacity and low center of gravity for a dependable cut every time. The shaft-drive cutter deck system is easy to maintain, and idler arms are spring-loaded to eliminate belt adjustment. This powerful zero-turn rider features your choice of air- or liquid-cooled engines and deck sizes from 52 inches to 72 inches.

Scag Power Equipment: 920-387-0100

Sweeping the Country

The powerful Schwarze S343-G sweeper is easy to operate and offers long-run durability, factory warranty and superior customer service. Standard equipment includes a 40-horsepower auxiliary engine, patent-pending WhisperWheelSM blower, 95-gallon polyethylene water tank and more. The steel sweeper is mounted on a commercially built chassis and has a fully enclosed cab and six tubeless steel-belted radial tires. Options include curb broom, choice of beacons, pressurized dust and abrasion suppression system, screen chain kit, backup alarm and more.

Schwarze Industries: 800-879-7933

Workhorse Walk-Behind

Sweepster's multiseasonal compact Walk-Behind Sweeper meets all your cleaning needs and is small enough to carry on the back of a pickup. The versatile, easy-to-use unit handles anything from construction site cleanup to dry leaves. Its 32-inch sweeping path eliminates snow, dirt, leaves or thatch. The brushes' gentle whisking action is effective for cleaning close to pavers and bricks, as well as cleaning close to fragile vegetation. Features include heavy-duty construction; 36-inch-wide, 24-inch-diameter brush; left and right angle change of 15 degrees; powerful 6-horsepower engine; and optional pickup hopper. Choose between dual belt drive or high-speed dual belt drive.

Sweepster, Inc.: 800-456-7100

Four-Blade Power

Walker Manufacturing Company now offers a 74-inch side-discharge deck, the largest cutting deck for a mid-size tractor. This larger deck has many of the same features as other Walker gear-driven decks. The narrow, tunnel design of the inline, timed blades provides a true finish cut, aids in scalp-resistance and gives a powerful, clean discharge pattern. The combination of Walker's full-floating deck suspension and castering gauge wheels at the back of the deck help hold the contours of the terrain and help prevent scalping. Like other Walker decks, the DSD74 tilts up to 90 degrees for easy blade and deck maintenance.

Walker Manufacturing Com.: 800-279-8537