Aeration Systems

AerWay Advanced Aeration Systems include the Shattertine, Sportstine and Finetine. Any of these can be assembled into a variety of frames from 48 inches to 15 feet in width, tractor-mounted or pull-type, standard or quick-adjust. Most of the frames can be fitted with a smoothing roller for use throughout the season.

AerWay: 800-457-8310

Load and Dig

The compact, 20-horsepower, four-wheel drive 7020LBH tractor from Ingersoll Equipment Co., Inc. is a dedicated loader/backhoe. Engineered as an integral part of the tractor and frame, the loader has heavy-duty lift arms with a reinforced bucket for maximum strength and single-lever control operation. Lift capacity for the loader bucket is 750 pounds at full height. The backhoe is coupled to the tractor via mounting arms that are connected to a counter weight for optimum performance. It offers a 92-inch digging depth with joystick controls and a selection of buckets from 8 inches to 24 inches. Power steering is standard.

Ingersoll Equipment Co., Inc.: 920-582-5000

Tool-Less Grins

The STIHL Multi-Cut Professional SeriesTM is for homeowners and professional who want the convenience of tool-less interchangeable attachments, increased product versatility, trimming speed, and the ability to save storage space. Called the FS 85RT, this one powerhead is standard equipped with a grass trimmer. Features include a 25.4ccQuad PowerTM engine, solid drive shaft, split-shaft design and tool-less coupling device. Optional interchangeable cutting attachments available include a hedge trimmer (zero-degree, 30-degree or zero to 90-degree), a power scythe, edger, and pole pruner. The unit meets EPA and CARB requirements.

STIHL Incorporated: 800-467-8445

Litter Lover

The ATLVTM 4300 makes an area the size of a football field look spotless in about a half-hour, and it does it safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. With a debris-recovering capacity nearly twice that of many competitors, the ATLVTM 4300 All-Terrain Litter Vacuum restores beauty to parks, school grounds, city sidewalks, sporting facilities, monuments, malls and even zoos. It climbs curbs, cleans surfaces ranging from asphalt to concrete to grass and picks up hard-to-reach litter lodged in fence lines with the help of its flexible vacuum nozzle.

Tennant Company: 763-540-1200

Powerful Buggers

The PowerVacTM collection system for Grasshopper mid-mount mowers is effective for all Grasshopper True ZeroTurnTM M1TM mowers (except Model 220). Model 8FM holds up to 8 cubic feet of clippings, leaves and more in twin slide-in mesh bags. The larger capacity Mode 12FM holds its debris in three removable mesh bags. Mulch, bag or side-discharge with the same 52-, 61- or 72-inch DuraMaxTM deck. The system is powered by a right-hand spindle to eliminate the noise and maintenance of an auxiliary motor. One pin allows easy attachment or removal in minutes.

The Grasshopper Company: 620-345-8621

The Sand Man Cometh

H. Barber & Sons, a company in the beach-cleaning business for more than 35 years, introduces its most recent addition to its product line. The Sand Man is a premier compact-size beach cleaner that cleans all types of recreational areas including beaches, volleyball courts, playgrounds, sand traps and baseball fields.

H. Barber & Sons, Inc.: 203-729-9000

Quality Cut

The Pro-Felx 120 is a tow-behind, articulating mower that provides a 10-inch, scalp-free, superior quality cut. A series of five decks float independently of each other to give operators the flexibility to mow contoured conditions not suited for traditional mowers. The durable, full-frame design allows the unit to be baked up, making it easy to mow in reverse. It only requires 30 to 40 horsepower and can mow 6.5 acres an hour at 6 mph.

Progressive Turf Equipment Inc.: 800-668-8873

Listen to the Boss

The new LitterBossTM rider-operated sweeper/vacuum provides the convenience and comfort of a ride-on at the cost of a walk-behind. The LitterBossTM climbs curbs up to 9 inches high and picks up dirt, fine sand and bulk litter, including broken glass, soda cans, cigarette butts and leaves. It can be used on turf, sidewalks, curbs, parking lots, alleys and landscaped areas. The 12-foot accessory hose vacuums debris in hard-to-reach areas. Its unique collection system uses a bag in the hopper to contain debris while dumping without spillage. To minimize dust, front-mounted spray jets expel a light mist on demand.

Minuteman International: 630-627-6900