Improved Aerator

The First Products Aera-vator AE40-E has undergone major changes. Improvements include an open frame for better rotor visibility and increased horsepower. An electro-hydraulic lift system replaces the former electric actuator, increasing system reliability. In addition, a rubber roller replaces the old steel roller, providing quieter transport. The AE40-E can be pulled behind any tow vehicle with a 12-volt power source. The AE40-E aerates without destroying existing turf. It can also be used to till bare ground for seeding or to overseed established turf.

First Products: 800-363-8780

Maintenance Machine

The Kromer AFMM is a versatile, multipurpose machine for athletic field maintenance. The grooming attachment provides a uniform soft top surface for safe playing. The Ridge Remover eliminates the ridge around infield grass, helping to prevent injuries. With the 50-gallon liner, operators can line several football and soccer fields while riding in comfort. The tank can also be used for spraying chemicals or water to condition the infield. A line cutter creates an inlaid line and paints at the same time.

Kromer Company: 800-373-0337

Say it with Flags

Custom-printed or plain marking flags from Blackburn Flags and Marking Products are weather-resistant, 4-mm plastic. Choose from traditional flag style, bent staff banner flags and rigid markers to comply with pesticide marking regulations in your area. Flag sizes include 2-1/2-inches-by-3-1/2-inches, 4-inches-by-5-inches, 5-inches-by-6-inches and 5-inches-by-8-inches. Staff lengths range from 15 inches to 36 inches in wire, plastic or fiberglass. The 14 flag colors available include all APWA colors for marking underground utility lines and fluorescent colors. Turnaround, even for custom-printed flags, is within 10 days of order.

Blackburn Manufacturing Co.: 800-942-5816

Stand and Deliver

John Deere fills the gap between traditional mid-mount zero-turn-radius mowers and traditional walk-behind mowers with the introduction of its 600 Series Commercial Quik-TrakTM mowers. Operators don't sit or walk; they stand on a platform. Each model-the 19-horsepower 647, the 23-horsepower 657 and the 23-horsepower 667 are all powered by air-cooled, vertical Kawasaki engines and are equipped with 7-IronTM side-discharge commercial mowing decks. The 647 has a 48-inch deck, the 657 has a 54-inch deck and the 667 has a 60-inch deck. Mower deck cutting height is adjustable in half-inch increments from 1.5 inches to 5 inches.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

Watch Grass Grow

Gandy Company offers the new 20-inch self-propelled Slice n' Seed walk-behind overseeder for repairing or re-establishing grass in worn areas or for establishing new grass varieties. Complementing Gandy's 48-inch three-point hitch overseeder, the Slice n' Seed features an 8-horsepower Honda engine with centrifugal clutch, capable of covering 22,000 square feet per hour. Seeding width is 20 inches with 9-inch heat-treated slicing blades on 2-inch centers. The seed box features Gandy's precision-mated stainless-steel bottom and slide with internal, front-wheel drive rotor. A cam gauge sets opening size to meter grass seed, while a hand lever shuts off flow.

Gandy Company Manufacturers: 800-443-2476

Top Spreader

Earth & Turf Company introduces the new 300 MultiSpreadTM topdresser with a dual spinner spreading option. The model 300 has a 22-cubic-foot struck capacity and spreads up to 15 feet wide. It is also available with beater or brush spreading mechanisms so operators can choose the optimum spreading unit for their needs. Use the MultiSpreadTM for athletic fields, golf greens, infield mix for baseball fields, chips on pathways, and salt/sand or grit on sidewalks and driveways.

Earth & Turf Company: 888-693-2638

Raking it In

Glenmac's new Harley Modular M-6 Power Box RakeĀ® lets you choose or upgrade from straight mount or manual angle mount to fully hydraulic angle capability. All models now have pivot plate, longer-lasting roller bearings and heavier main frames. They also feature adjustable Rhino-Hide barrier, dual independently adjustable gauge wheels, easily removable and reversible endplates, and double No. 50 oil bath drive chain. Harley's frame geometry offers superior visibility of your work surface, while the slim frame bearing ends allow for deep seedbed cultivation. The pure carbide proprietary teeth are specially shaped to ensure high-quality seedbed sub-base for moisture retention and germination.

Glenmac, Inc.: 800-437-9779

On the Prowl

Encore's commercial Mid Cut Prowler features a side-to-side articulating floating deck that allows both front wheels to maintain ground contact over rough terrain. This design improves stability and provides a smooth ride while reducing scalping. A PTO shaft feeds power to the blades, and a heavy-gauge welded steel deck with special reinforcement channels controls vibration. Prowlers have disc brakes and a low-maintenance blade spindle assembly. At a full 5.5 inches, the deck handles grass better than typical shallow decks. Choose from high horsepower diesel or gas engine, liquid-cooled or air-cooled. The Prowler Mid Cuts have 52-inch, 61-inch and 72-inch decks.

Encore Manufacturing Co., Inc.: 402-228-4255