Get a Kick

The Kiefer Water Wonder Kickboard now comes in a junior size. Get as many kickboards as you need at a low price for your school, waterpark or club. Made of high-quality closed-cell PVC foam to retain its shape, the kickboards have molded side fingergrips that are perfect for any age swimmer. Choose from a variety of bright colors. Since 1947, Kiefer has provided everything you need for aquatics except the water.

Adolph Kiefer and Associates: 800-323-4071

Fine Grit Grating

Fibergrate Composite Structures offers the Aqua Grate® poltruded grating, designed to withstand chlorine and other corrosive conditions associated with recreation applications. The grating's fine grit surface is comfortable for walking, even in bare feet, but still provides the resistance needed to avoid costly slipping accidents. Aqua Grate®'s engineered design with light gray color and close bar spacing makes it perfect around pools, drain trenches, walkways and pedestrian bridges. Like other FRP products, Aqua Grate® is easily fabricated and installed for an overall low-maintenance solution in a variety of recreation areas.

Fibergrate Composite Structures: 972-250-1633

Jump on Water

Zebec's newest product is its Water Trampoline, designed to float on water and provide hours of fun. The trampoline is made in the United States with reinforced material and heavy-duty accessories to withstand the use of both personal and commercial use. Trampoline features include a large jumping area, heavy-duty frame and springs, thick safety pad, and a six-step S.S. ladder. Available in 17-foot and 22-foot sizes.

Zebec of North America, Inc.: 513-829-5533

Safe Splashing

Vortex Aquatic Structures offers the Splashpad, an interactive automated aquatic feature for use in city parks, swimming pools and waterparks. The innovative, colorful design cultivates a high level of play value, while no standing water means a safer environment than the traditional swimming or wading pool. The structure is environmentally friendly and can be designed using either the city water operating system or a complete water recirculation system. Vortex has successfully designed and manufactured aquatic play features for people with disabilities and children of all ages.

Vortex Aquatic Structures: 877-586-7839

Pool Perfect

Many pool problems are traced to organic material buildup. Fixing the problem can be easy with Pool Perfect, a natural enzyme-based formula that biodegrades organic contaminants, providing clear, perfect water while cleaning pool surfaces and filters. An industry standard for natural enzyme water treatment technology, Pool Perfect is used in homes, commercial pools and water theme parks. Just a few capfuls each week ensure silky, sparkling water, prevent scum and waterline ring, eliminate chemical odors, keep filters clean, extend filter life, and reduce shocking. Available for use with all sanitizers. A 2-liter bottle with measuring cap treats 134,000 gallons.

Bel-Aqua Pool Supply Inc.: 914-235-2200 (NY) 800-344-7946 (Outside

Add a Plug

The Water PlugTM by Water OdysseyTM offers a unique play experience. Children rotate the top of the play element up to 360 degrees to direct a soft aerated stream of water. Manufac-tured of stainless steel with a durable urethane coating, the Water PlugTM is rated to operate at 12 to 20 gpm. Water OdysseyTM offers a wide variety of aquatic playground equipment and accessories for use in parks, aquatic centers and waterparks. All products are made in the United States and backed by Fountain People Engineering.

Water Odyssey: 512-392-1155

Slide Time

Spectrum Aquatics offers a complete variety of slides, all manufactured in-house to provide you with the quality and dependability you expect from Spectrum products. Spectrum provides high-quality engineered products that are safe and durable and add fun to your facility. All stairs, rails and protective barriers exceed Consumer Safety Commission standards.

Spectrum Products: 800-776-5309

Pool Equipment

WMS Aquatics offers its new 2002-2003 aquatics catalog, featuring a complete line of some of the newest and best equipment and supplies in the commercial swimming pool industry. You'll find equipment for water treatment, decks, pool covers, handicap-access products, safety products, recreational items and toys, competitive enhancements, and more.

WMS Aquatics: 800-426-9460