Tickets, Please

Tickets, passes and group sales can be done with the touch of a button with Quantix(tm) ticketing software. Quantix(tm) offers fast, accurate point-of-sale transactions, multi-level security and full access control. Even your newest cashiers can keep your lines moving fast with Quantix(tm), and you'll spend less time training cashiers, maintaining equipment and fixing problems, which means you can focus on making money. Whether you use tickets, wristbands or passes, you can process them more quickly, accurately and securely with Quantix(tm).

Entertainment Data Solutions: 888-221-4431

Small Beach Sandsifter

Get clean and attrac-tive beaches with the Cherrington Compact Sand-sifting equipment. Small beaches, playrounds, volleyball courts, ballfields and areas to be seeded can all be easily cleaned and maintained. The Cherrington Models 800PT and 900 use interchangeable sifting screens to remove stones, seaweed, trash and debris from your sand area, while fluffing and aerating the sand. The 800PT is effective if you're looking for the convenience of a pull-type machine, while the Model 900 offers a maneuverable walk-behind system.

Cherrington Corporation: 800-966-1588

Give Us Shelter

EnWood Struc-tures' shelters com-bine the beauty of laminated wood with the economy of a prefabricated engineered package. Made of quality southern yellow pine, the shelters are ideal for parks and recreation areas and can be partially or fully enclosed for use as concession or bathroom areas. In addition to the standard shelters, EnWood Structures offers custom designs and engineering support with shelters and pedestrian bridges.

EnWood Structures: 800-777-8648

Anti-Skid Surface

Dri-Dek's anti-skid, self-draining surface keeps wet floors dry. It's effective in pool areas, showers, locker rooms and saunas. The surface is made from oxy-B1(tm) vinyl, which fights the spread of infectious fungus and bacteria in areas with barefoot traffic. Just snap the 12-inch-by-12-inch interlocking tiles together to form a custom surface of any length, width or shape. Choose from 12 colors.

Kendall Products: 800-348-2398

Good Pitch

Advance Canvas Design manufactures Advance Yurts, Earthworks Tipis, Platform Pitched Wall Tents and Outfitters Wall Tents. Furnishing quality products to the parks and recreation industry for more than 20 years, Advance Canvas offers innovative designs and exacting craftsmanship that have helped redefine standards for the entire industry. Generous standard features and affordability add value and help budgets go farther. Choose from a variety of options to customize products to fit your project specifications.

Advance Canvas Design: 800-288-3190