Soft and Textured

SoftFlex, Matéflex's newest innovation, is a unique flow-through tile engineered to absorb shock impact while maintaining a slip-resistant surface. The versatile, lightly textured tile is soft, helping to maintaining traction in wet areas, yet sturdy enough to safely support the weight of exercise equipment. Featured in a variety of colors, the tiles incorporate an anti-microbial agent to prevent molds and mildew. The advantage of SoftFlex is the raised-base construction, which allows airflow and keeps the surface away from dampness. SoftFlex is extremely durable and can be used as temporary or permanent flooring.

MatéFlex: 800-926-3539

Beauty and Brawn

CSSI's SoftPave Ultra sets high standards with both aesthetics and strength. It incorporates a new patented polymeric wear surface construction into the design of its time-tested 2-foot-by-2-foot tile line for a superior flooring system that won't chip, crack, rot or erode. SoftPave Ultra's full 1-inch thickness of impact-absorbing rubber has a unique mechanical installation option that allows for quick and easy site reconfiguration and tile interchangeability. Available in a variety of colors including custom color options, SoftPave Ultra is a high-quality rubber surface designed for toughness, traction, underfoot comfort and world-class good looks.

CSSI: 800-851-4746


SportCourt Inc. offers a new technology breakthrough called SportshieldTM. This indoor synthetic modular sports flooring is coated with a tough-as-nails, factory-applied, polyurethane finish to make it one of the most durable, long-lasting floors on the market. Sportshield also has a unique design that reduces stress to knees and joints, making this one of the leading providers of safe performance surfaces for athletes to play on. Sportshield retrofits most surfaces and does not require adhesives, making it easy to maintain, with a low lifecycle cost compared to wood and synthetic flooring options.

SportCourt Inc.: 800-421-8112

Gym Floor Video

CoverSports USA's GymGuardTM floor cover system video with accompanying brochure and swatch book provide details on the wide assortment of gym floor cover fabric colors, weights, storage options and winding features. The vast GymGuardTM inventory ensures that nearly all orders are shipped within two weeks.

CoverSports: 800-445-6680

Resilient Surfacing

Sport Floors, Inc. offers a complete line of prefabricated cast vinyl sport surfaces for multipurpose recreational uses. Its full line of engineered synthetic flooring surfaces is a choice for athletic facilities around the world. Sport-Tred®, a leader in durable multipurpose flooring solutions, is made of a solid cast PVC layer that is durable yet easy to clean and maintain. Sport-Tred can handle high heels, folding chairs and even portable bleacher loads up to 400 pounds per wheel. For both sanctioned sports and recreational activities, Sport-Tred® offers a comfortable, resilient floor with a true and consistent ball bounce and uniform traction.

Sport Floors, Inc.: 800-322-3567

High-Impact Flooring

The Action CourtTM system consists of 12-inch-by-12-inch interlocking tiles, designed for high-speed, high-impact sports like basketball, volleyball, inline skating, soccer and aerobic activities. The Quadra-FitTM technology uses suspension bars and fitting interlocks for tighter seams that promote uniform ball bounce, footing and puck glide. The vertical suspension offers proven protection for athletes, helping to reduce the risk of lower back injuries and skeletal trauma. The flooring also facilitates side-to-side movements to help prevent stress to ankles and knees.

Kiefer Specialty Flooring: 800-322-5448

Modular Web

Spider Court Inc. offers SpiderTile, a modular multipurpose plastic flooring system that is designed, engineered and manufactured to make playing surfaces safer, faster and more versatile. The floor can be more economical than polyurethane, PVC or hardwood.

Spider Court Inc.: 519-250-5779

Recycled Vinyls

Protect-All® Specialty Flooring and Protect-All® Gloss, manufactured by Oscoda Plastics, Inc., are made from 100-percent-recycled vinyls. These durable, cost-effective, quarter-inch-thick flooring products can be used as a gym floor complete with game lines, flooring for fitness rooms, weight rooms, locker rooms, shower rooms, ice rink perimeter flooring, or as temporary gym covers to protect your wood floor from damage. Protect-All® Gloss has a factory-applied urethane wear layer. Protect-All® and Protect-All® Gloss are available in six colors, four surface patterns, two sheet sizes and two tile sizes, and interlocking or square tile.

Oscoda Plastics, Inc.: 800-544-9538