Circuit Series

Body Masters Sports Industries, Inc. offers a new circuit of strength and conditioning exercise equipment, the CX Series. There are 29 machines available in the circuit, representing all muscle groups and body parts. To achieve a modern look, the research and development team designed the CX Series with a low-profile frame, featuring 15-pound interval weight plates, high-impact injection-molded pulley enclosures and weight stack guards. The CX Series 5-pound increment weight system contains an external locking mechanism and cone-shaped rubber bumpers for added safety. Standard additional features include one-piece belt clamps and lighter starting weights.

Body Masters Sports Industries, Inc.: 800-325-8964

Hydraulic Ab Work

Pro*Fit Enterprises offers the new PACE Rotary Torso Machine to its line of PACE Hydraulic Circuit Training Equipment. The unique accommodating hydraulic resistance of PACE equipment matches the fitness level of the user. PACE is used by women's clubs, community and recreation centers, and sports teams. Turnkey marketing packages and certified training is included in all PACE packages.

Pro*Fit Enterprises: 888-604-2244

Individual Strengths

Custom free-weight equipment by Iron Grip can be engraved to duplicate text, logos and even complex artwork. Iron Grip offers fitness centers a unique way to establish a competitive point of difference, as well as an outstanding way to brand their facilities. The engraving process is available on Iron Grip urethane weight plates, dumbbells and fixed barbells. Multiple colors can be custom-matched to enhance the look. Iron Grip's unique process results in a vibrant, permanent design that never degrades, rubs off or comes loose.

Iron Grip Barbell Company: 800-664-4766

Tread Water

Ferno's AquaGaiterTM underwater treadmill system converts swimming pools into aquatic exercise pools, offering low-impact aerobic exercise. The latest technology in underwater fitness equipment, the AquaGaiterTM offers an intense cardiovascular workout for the serious athlete while offering exercise for injured, rehabilitating, deconditioned, pregnant and elderly people as well. The natural buoyancy of the water provides concentrated resistance against the body's movement for a high-energy workout, while reducing joint impact for safety. The system features a simple, chemical-resistive construction that uses a hydraulic direct-drive operating system. The power source is a hydraulic pumping unit with variable-speed motor.

Ferno: 800-733-3766

User-Friendly Fitness

Cybex International Inc. has expanded its commercial cardiovascular fitness line to include the Cybex Pro, a new treadmill specially designed to optimize facility investment. A quality option suited for core commercial installations, the Cybex Pro is competitively priced and built for lasting value. The treadmill combines an innovative, sleek new design with basic functionality to meet the needs of facility users and minimize owner maintenance. Safety features include the Cybex Safety SentryTM that automatically senses use and returns the treadmill to rest when unattended. User-friendly features include a large intuitive display that simplifies programming and operation.

Cybex International: 888-GO-CYBEX

Body Maximus

ProMaxima Manufacturing offers its new upper body training system, the Iso-Fit Trainer. The system performs more than seven upper body exercises on the standard unit, including wide grip and narrow grip chin ups, vertical knee raise/hip flexion, 45-percent back extension, push ups, abdominal crunches, and dips. The seven core upper body exercise stations are standard on the Iso-Fit Trainer, Model FW-117. An optional calf raise block station and smaller "Mini Iso-Fit Circuits" are also available. Special introductory pricing is available to health clubs and commercial facilities.

ProMaxima Manufacturing: 800-231-6652

Hoist it Up

The commercial CL selectorized and CF free- weight products from Hoist Fitness Systems are the culmination of the company's 25-year commitment to excellence in manufacturing premium strength-training equipment. Hoist products offer innovative features like the unique and proprietary titanium bar on the CF 2752 Smith Machine. The titanium bar achieves low starting weight without the need for counterbalancing. This eliminates problems caused by inertia and momentum buildup found on counterbalanced units. Titanium is also stronger and more resilient than steel.

Hoist Fitness Systems: 800-548-5438

Kid Power

Fit Systems, Inc. features the Fit Youth InstituteTM, specializing in all types of programs, services and specialty fitness equipment for children ages 8 to 16. The unique resistance equipment offers 13 single stations and a multistation, with cardio equipment available as well. The safe and effective equipment can be used with comprehensive programs like the Bee Fit Programs system, which includes a 130-page operations manual and business plan, consultation, onsite training, marketing strategies, sales flyers, brochures, stickers, and incentives, T-shirts and trading cards. The equipment is manufactured and installed exclusively for the company by Promaxima Manufacturing.

Fit Systems, Inc.: 866-348-9688