Fitness in Motion

The FreeMotion Fitness line of NordicTrack commercial cardio products combines the latest electronic innovations with supreme functionality and an array of proprietary and unique features such as WorkOut TV. NordicTrack's Incline TrainerTM offers a new category in cardiovascular training. Nordic-Track is known for quality, innovation and reliability. Its products allow facility managers and members to better achieve their goals.

FreeMotion Fitness, Inc.: 877-363-8449

Accessible Fitness

The EN 370 Access Aero-biciser is one of the 14 wheelchair-accessible fitness/rehabilitation products manufactured by The Endorphin Corpor-ation. These cardiovascular and strength-training products are used by people with disabilities as well as people without disabilities. On the Access Aero-biciser, a recumbent, adjust-able, orthopedic seat may be easily removed for wheelchair access. Separate computers monitor both upper- and lower-extremity activity. Each computer displays six hill climbs, a manual course and two target heart-rate programs. Speed, distance, pulse, calories and time are measured. Foot Plates (EN 426) and Quad Assist Gloves (EN 406) are available.

The Endorphin Corporation: 800-940-9844

Color Their Workouts

Members of some health clubs in the United Kingdom have been waiting their turn to use Ivanko's red, yellow and blue E-Z Lift plates, while the gray and black iron plates sit idle. Watching this phenomenon unfold in the company's test, Ivanko realized that simple aesthetic touches like this can help attract and keep members. With its successful U.K. test, Ivanko will introduce the plates in the United States during the second half of 2002. The colored E-Z Lift line is built around the popular E-Z Lift seven-hole grip design, allowing light to pass through and highlighting the visual affects.

Ivanko Barbell Company: 310-514-1155

Hello, Ab Dolly

Fischer Sports Market-ing offers the AB Dolly Plus, invented by world-renowned sports physical therapist and certified athletic trainer Brett Fischer. The AB Dolly Plus is an effective, functional and easy way to train all four abdominal muscles. In a few minutes a day, it can safely and functionally train the abdominal muscles to a full range of motion and in endless planes of motion, while also training the upper and lower body. Unlike many abdominal devices, the AB Dolly Plus can be performed on forearms and/or legs and hands, and it's effective for people of all ages and fitness levels.

AB Dolly Plus, LLC: 877-99-DOLLY

Elliptical Cardio

The new SXT7000 Total Body Elliptical from SCIFIT incorporates upper body and lower body exercise for a total body workout. The Bio-Flex pivoting footbed, a standard feature, increases circulation to the foot and ankle area and provides a more natural feel. Self-generated with battery backup, the SXT7000 also features contact heart rate and isokinetic resistance as well as polar compatibility. SCIFIT's patent-pending Tele-Rail technology allows the unit to be a full-featured, commercial elliptical that fits in the footprint of a recumbent bike.

SCIFIT: 800-278-3933

Measure Fat

The BOD POD® Professional Body Composition Tracking System uses advanced air displacement technology to provide highly accurate measurements of body fat and lean body mass. Testing is easy, safe and quick. A complete analysis, including printed results, takes less than five minutes. Use the BOD POD® to attract new members, increase personal-training revenues and motivate members. Because of its excellent reliability and precision, the system is one of the only practical methods for accurately tracking body composition.

Life Measurement, Inc.: 800-4-BOD-POD

Therapy Pools

SwimEx, a leading brand for sports and conditioning pools among college and professional athletic programs, is now offering a full line of aquatic therapy, sports and conditioning pools. Choose from four models of its sports and conditioning pools, which are used by more than 75 collegiate and professional sports programs including the New England Patriots, L.A. Lakers and Arizona Diamondbacks. The four models—1000T, 700T, 600T and 60T—all feature the company's patented paddlewheel propulsion system, which circulates up to 30,000 gallons of water per minute.

SwimEx: 800-877-7946

Ready, Set, Row

The WaterRower blends the tranquility of moving water, the warmth of wood and the rhythm of motion into a unique style of rowing machine. These qualities provide a naturally pleasurable activity, invigorating the body, while relaxing the mind. Designed to capture the aesthetics of rowing, the WaterRower provides a smooth, no-impact, rhythmic and whole-bodied exercise. The Patented WaterFlywheel emulates the physical benefits and pleasures of rowing, so legs, torso and upper body glide in unison for a self-paced, uniform workout. The WaterRower is designed for users in gyms, rowing clubs, hotels and other recreational facilities.

WaterRower US: 800-852-2210