The Hole Story

The Lil' Orbits Model 2400 mini-donut machine is an ideal addition to nearly any food service or concession operation. Mini-donuts are inexpensive to produce and offer customers an excellent value. The bite-sized morsels are made automatically in front of the public, so aroma, action and taste make them an instant, profitable hit. The Model 2400 is completely automatic and portable, and setup is quick and easy. A full line of supplies is available worldwide, and the machine comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Lil' Orbits, Inc.: 763-559-7505

Frozen in Motion

Polar King Inter-national, Inc. offers refrigeration on wheels with its transportable trailer units. The units come in both 6-feet-by-8-feet and 6-feet-by-12-feet and are available as coolers, freezers or a combination of the two. Polar King transportable units can operate on 110 volts and are constructed of seamless, one-piece fiberglass. The unit fits on a standard 2-inch ball.

Polar King International, Inc.: 800-752-7178

Powerful Pouch

The Server ExpressTM System is a unique, flexible pouch condiment-dispensing system from Server Products. This innovative system is available in a number of models and is designed to make condiment-dispensing faster, easier and more tamper-resistant than ever before. The Server ExpressTM accepts a Cryovac® product pouch equip-ped with an integral circular fitment. When pierced by the plastic pump, it forms an airtight, germ- and drip-free connection, eliminating the need for dangerous or messy cans. To refill, just remove the empty pouch, pierce the replacement pouch, then slide the bag and pump into the dispensing unit.

Server Products: 800-558-8722

Shake Things Up

Electro Freeze machines offer superior engineering for making soft-serve, yogurt, shakes, slushes, smoothies and frozen cocktails. The gravity and pressurized machines are precision-built for dependability. The easy-to-clean unit has the Freedom 360-degree Series mix transfer system, effective for serving loads of soft-serve, custard, frozen yogurt and Italian ice. Dispense two separate flavors or the popular twist. Two 3-quart freezing cylinders and 2.0-horsepower compressor provide fast freeze-down and energy savings.

Electro Freeze: 800-234-5013