Safer Utility Cab

Club Car's newly designed cab has updated features including a ROPS (Rollover Protective Structure) certification. In addition to the ROPS certification, Club Car made other improvements to the design such as the development of a common cab assembly for all Club Car utility vehicles, increased glass for better visibility, and improved seals and latches for a tighter fit. Cabs are available for the entire line of Club Car's Performance Utility Vehicles including the Carryall 1, 2, 6 and 272; Transporter 4 and 6; and Pioneer 900 and 1200.

Club Car: 800-CLUBCAR

Waste Away

Today's no-smoking laws increases the need to control smokers' waste at facility entrances. The Smokers' Station(r) receptacles from United Receptacle, Inc. provide a safe and convenient way to dispose of such waste. Cigarettes are snuffed out on extinguishing screens and dropped into the upper compartment, not on the ground. Because people gather on smoking breaks, causing additional litter, the ash/trash model is an effective solution. The fire-safe steel construction is weather- and vandal-resistant. Wall- and pole-mounted models are available in stainless-steel or black-textured Uni-Koat(r) powder-coated steel/stainless-steel combo. Keyed cam locks prevent unauthorized opening of both compartments.

United Receptacle, Inc.: 800-233-0314

Recycled-Content Products

The Fibrex Group offers a collection of public-area recycling containers, waste receptacles and environmentally sound site furnishings. It also offers a large selection of innovative recycled-plastic-lumber waste receptacles, novelty bins, bollards, benches and picnic tables. The Fibrex Group is an authorized dealer of the Rubbermaid recycling system designed for the collection and handling of a wide variety of recyclables.

The Fibrex Group Inc.: 800-346-4458

Floor Coloring

The SportMaster ColorPlus System is a 100-percent acrylic sport surfacing material for concrete or asphalt surfaces. The Neutral Concentrate product is designed to mix with Sport-Master's ColorPlus Pigment Dispersion. The ColorPlus System is unique in that only two gallons of pigment are required to colorize a 30-gallon keg of Neutral Concentrate. The ColorPlus Pigments are available in a wide variety of colors to match specific color requests that complete the needs of your sport surfacing designs.

SportMaster Industries: 800-395-7325

A Short Reach

Landscape Structures Inc. has adapted three of its most popular activity panels into Reach Panels (half panels), making the fun more accessible for all children. The Periscope Panel, Chimes Panel and Match 3 Panel are all designed to meet ADA accessibility guidelines. When installed at ground level, the panels can be adjusted to wheelchair height, making it easy for children to interact with them, sitting or standing. The Periscope Panel has an octagonal tube containing stainless-steel mirrors. The Chimes Panel features chimes for musical play. The Match 3 Panel has blocks that can be manipulated in different ways.

Landscape Structures Inc.: 888-4FUNLSI

Water Play Catalog

Vortex designs and manufactures aquatic play features for children of all ages and individuals with disabilities. Its high-quality recreational products are safe for children, incorporating play value that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Vortex's splashpad products have been designed in accordance with the ASTM regulations for playgrounds in public play areas. In addition to a wide range of colors, shapes and themes, Vortex features are a great, interactive way to cool down. All spray nozzles, spray heads, hardware and accessories are equipped with tamper-resistant systems and special tools to minimize vandalism and theft.

Vortex: 514-948-4899

Cool Pool Spray

The Watercannon, manufactured by Living Waters Aeration, has proven to reduce uncomfortably warm summer pool water temperatures by as much as 15 to 20 degrees through early morning and evening use when air temperatures are cooler. This natural aeration process helps eliminate bacteria, algae and the threat of transmittable viruses. During daytime use, the Watercannon's high-volume, adjustable spray provides refreshment and atmosphere. People enjoy swimming under the cool waterfalls, and it's also great for competition swimming. Designed and built with safety in mind, units come with GFCI safety cord, safe-suction intake assembly, and UL approval on all major components.

Living Waters Aeration: 508-240-6393

Cleanup Time

Broyhill introduces the new RefuseMate, a dedicated vehicle with an all new 2.0-cubic-yard refuse dump box that's an automatic drive with forward and reverse gear selection. RefuseMate can reduce labor 50 percent by eliminating manual unloading of refuse. The electric over hydraulic switch located at the operator seat allows the user to dump automatically.

The Broyhill Company: 800-228-1003