Water Flow

Kings Supply offers nonelectric, slow-closing, self-closing shower and sink valves. Self-closing valves have an open time of 15 to 25 seconds, saving thousands of gallons of water per year. Users push a button to get a timed shower. There are no coin meters or electric solenoids that could cause malfunction. Applications include campgrounds, waterparks, beaches, sand rinse stations and anywhere that saving water is important. Sink faucets have an open time of eight to 12 seconds and are available in single temperature (pre-mix) and with adjustable mixer at the faucet. Valves are installed to the shower head in riser pipes and can be retrofitted into existing systems easily. New installations require pre-mixing valve.

Kings Supply: 888-852-5340

The Ins and Outs of Aquatic Safety

With an Atria/Garden Prairie aquatic enclosure, your facility can offer a safe swimming environment in both winter and summer. In addition to its year-round appeal, an enclosed pool offers many safety aspects, including protecting the swimming area from intrusion and reducing accidents by providing controlled entry to the pool. Another safety factor is protection against uncontrollable elements that pollute the air and outdoor pools, causing possible health problems. For example, pesticides, herbicides or lawn fertilizers can be airborne and, when carried into a pool, make a residue causing contamination. With an enclosed pool, the environment is controlled without the concern or hazard of outside contaminants.

CCSI International, Inc.: 800-537-8231

One Size Cuts All

Designed for high-usage commercial cutters, the John Deere 737 and 757 Mid-Frame Z-Trak(r) Mowers can handle small, tight spaces as well as open fields. These machines are effective for business and industrial complexes, highly landscaped lots, cemeteries and many other applications. The 23-horsepower 737 and 25-horsepower 757 both feature an over-head valve, air-cooled Kawasaki engine. The over-head valve design provides more horsepower and better fuel efficiency. Full-pressure lubrication and full-flow filter reduce engine wear and ensure proper lubrication even when operating on hillsides or uneven terrain. A large, nine-gallon fuel tank allows a full day of mowing without refueling.

John Deere: 800-537-8233

Save Bark from Bites

NSW, LLC offers a rigid plastic mesh netting that protects young tree trunks from damage caused by deer and other wildlife, string trimmers, mowers, and other tools. Damaged bark exposes sensitive plant tissue to pests and disease and degrades the appearance of trees. The tough Tree Protector wrap keeps animals from feeding and rubbing on tree bark and shields the bark from mechanical contact. The NSW mesh netting won't harbor insects or trap moisture around the trunk and allows needed air, light and chemicals to reach the bark. The flexible NSW wrap is easily applied and removed and won't corrode.

NSW Corporation: 800-368-3610