CSI Software

Product: Spectrum

What it does: facility management and accounting

Main features: member management, billing with online EFT and credit-card billing, program registration, facility registration, point of sale

Markets served: universities, health clubs, YMCAs and JCCs

System req: Windows NT or 2000 server, MS SQL 7.0 or 2000

CSI Software: 800-247-3431

Class Software Solutions Ltd.

Product: CentrServe

What it does: provides solutions that allow staff to manage facilities, memberships and programs with ease; increases efficiency and enhances customer service

Main features: ease of use, comprehensive customer care package; database independent, Microsoft certification grounded in best practices

Markets served: parks and recreation, municipal governments, YMCAs, military

System req: Workstation IBM-compatible PC, 200-MHz Pentium processor, Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000 or XP. Server-266-MHz Pentium processor

Class Software Solutions Ltd.: 800-661-1196

RecWave, part of The Active Network

Product: Safari Standard Edition

What it does: offers small to mid-size organizations access to advanced technology for park and recreation automation at a low entry price with discounted maintenance

Main features: Safari's single application design, activity registration, Internet registration, point of sale, fully integrated reporting capability, Microsoft Data Engine database software, single-site license, three concurrent user licenses, one year of software maintenance, two days installation/training, upgrades to Microsoft SOL Server and Oracle compatibility

Markets served: government, municipal, parks and recreation agencies, colleges and universities, military

System req: Workstation: Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0 or 2000, Pentium 133-MHz, 64MB RAM, 150 to 500MB hard drive space, Internet connection; Server: Windows NT 4.0 or 2000, Pentium 500-MHz, 500MB to 2GB hard drive space

RecWave, part of The Active Network: 888-RECWAVE (732-9273)

Microfit, Inc.

Product: HealthWizard

What it does: health and fitness assessment

Main features: health history; health risk appraisal; physical measurements of weight, fat, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness

Markets served: medical wellness, fitness centers, corporate wellness, military, colleges, personal trainers

System req: PC, 63MB RAM, Windows 9X, Me, 2000 or XP, one available serial port

Microfit, Inc.: 800-822-0405

Vermont Systems, Inc.

Product: RecTrac, MainTrac, GolfTrac, WebTrac, TeleTrac, FinTrac

What it does: recreation and parks management

Main features: RecTrac: activity registration, facility reservation, league scheduling, pass management, POS/inventory control, court reservations, trip reservations, equipment rental, locker rentals, personal trainer. MainTrac, GolfTrac, WebTrac, TeleTrac: access control, credit-card authorization, identification systems, hardware peripherals

Markets served: municipal, recreational parks departments, military

System req: Contact VSI for information.

Vermont Systems, Inc.: 877-883-8757, ext. 3200

CarteGraph Systems

Product: CarteGraph Software Suite

What it does: collection, management and analysis of asset data

Main features: development of detailed databases of asset information that includes history, features, inspections, images, locations, reports and work activities; helps comply with government standards including GASB 34 and NPDES Phase II; solutions for signs, signals, pavement segments, parks, pavement markings, bridges, water and sewer components, and lights

Markets served: public works

System req: Contact CarteGraph for complete system requirements.

CarteGraph Systems: 800-688-2656

BookingPlus, Inc.

Product: BookingPlus

What it does: Internet-based scheduling and reservations system designed to help manage facility resources and empower members to book online

Main features: hosts and maintains all your booking and reservations data; manage servers, backups, security and configuration; implement upgrades so applications are never out of date

Markets served: health and fitness, membership-driven organizations

System req: Broadband Internet connection

BookingPlus, Inc.: 877-266-5758, ext. 320

Affiliated Acceptance Corporation

Product: FrontDesk Interactive

What it does: streamlines front-desk operations, complete management package

Main features: video photo imaging, member tracking, guest recording, point of sale, scheduling, accounts receivable, delinquency and problem reporting

Markets served: health and fitness, martial arts, tanning, anyone with a need for repetitive billing services

System req: Windows 95, 98, NT, ME or XP, 133 MHz, 586 IBM-compatible

Affiliated Acceptance Corporation: 800-233-8483