Defy Nature

Entre Prises Climbing Walls offers the FreeformTM Climbing Boulders to its line. The natural rock feel of the boulder along with the use of features and modular handholds make for exciting climbing. Whether young or not so young, everyone can find a route that's challenging. By using state-of-the-art polymer cement, not only does the FreeformTM Boulder fit into the natural surroundings, but it stands up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it. This makes it an effective choice for playgrounds, parks and anywhere else you want to boulder that didn't come with a perfect bouldering rock from nature.

Entre Prises USA Inc.: 800-580-5463

Convert a Court

The LedgeWallTM Bouldering CourtTM is the newest offering from Brewer's Ledge. This economically priced package converts underutilized courts into climbing areas by providing professional-quality components for local installation. The package includes all panels, custom mats and holds, and full building instructions. Construction is easy for local carpenters. Finished walls have textured surfaces, multiple shapes, overhangs, and inside and outside corners and roofs. The system is suitable for beginners or experienced climbers. Each panel has 54 possible hold positions to make changing routes simple. Brewer's Ledge can also customize the design of your court to suit your space and clientele requirements.

Brewer's Ledge Inc.: 617-983-5244

Geologic Inspiration

GeoSculpt is created by avid climbers inspired by the geologic formations they encounter on their climbs. The artisans handcraft each sculpture with unique climbing opportunities. They provide lots of fun and can visually enhance parks and playgrounds, replicating the texture of stone and wood and blending beautifully with the outdoors. Rocks and trees usually only have one way up and one way down. GeoSculpt is designed with multiple routes. Indentations are strategically carved throughout the sculptures to create climbing challenges for all ages. Because each piece is handmade, the climbing difficulty can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Beckwith Associates/BOLDR: 707-824-9349

Built for Budget

DudeTex wall systems from the Eldorado Wall Company provide value, durability and efficient useable climbing space. These custom designed and engineered walls can be built to suit almost any space or budget. Or for maximum versatility, the Chameleon and Gecko portable walls may be the solution you've been looking for.

Eldorado Wall Company: 303-447-0512

The Western Look

Sport Rock has created a realistic similarity to actual rock by duplicating rock formations found in the western states. Made of specially formulated ceramic base resin, Sport Rock climbing walls have the real appearance and real feel of natural stone. They are backed with multiple polyester reinforced fiberglass coatings for lightweight strength and durability. The wall design and construction is performed by licensed architects, engineers and contractors to meet or exceed CWIG standards.

Sport Rock Intl., Inc.: 805-481-5686

Real Rock

Advanced Rockwall Technology is one of the most natural-looking climbing wall products available. A.R.T. WallTM looks, feels and climbs like real rock because it is actually molded from real rock. It isn't hand-carved like other products, so it includes the intricate details that are so important to the climbing experience. With A.R.T. WallTM, you can create a wall that's a work of A.R.T., one that is visually appealing and sure to be a showpiece of any setting including health and fitness clubs, universities, community centers, retail stores, K-12 schools, and full-scale climbing gyms.

Nicros: 651-778-1975

Safe and Attractive

The Edge Climbing Wall Systems now offers The Erratic, designed for playgrounds and public parks. The Erratic is an artificial climbing boulder, hand-sculpted from fiberglass reinforced concrete. A wide range of routes provide accessibility to children as well as challenges for experienced climbers. The boulder is gently overhanging on all sides and features climbing routes on realistic hand and footholds, cleverly designated by simulated lichens, artificial slugs, snails, frogs and snakes. The Erratic's top is inaccessible to all but the most accomplished climbers with the highest handhold at eight to 10 feet above a resilient landing surface to ensure safety.

Edge Climbing Wall Systems: 604-984-6840

Weatherproof Climbing

Alpine Towers International and Cornerstone Designs offer climbing wall designs that are ideal for camps, recreation facilities and universities. The Grotto, by Cornerstone Designs, offers a variety of bouldering terrain for the beginner and intermediate climber. This six-sided design sports a shingled roof, making it extra popular with any organization needing a "weatherproof" climbing program. The Grotto is available in two standard sizes but can also be custom designed.

Alpine Towers International: 800-706-0064