Portable and Flexible

SunRamp's screwless construction helps eliminate maintenance requirements and repairs associated with screws and framing lumber. Most SunRamp products have no substructure, yet have proven to be as strong as any traditionally built ramp. A unique wood laminate core is used exclusive of steel, plywood or other substrates for its preferred density, noise and shock absorption and to prevent oxidation of ramp surfaces. The plastic weatherproofing provides moisture and UV resistance, grips poly wheels better, and dampens noise. The innovative rubber Transition BootTM grips and protects surfaces so SunRamps can be used indoors or outdoors.

SunRamp Solutions, Inc.: 877-978-6726

Catch the Edge

Kids can catch the latest edge in action sports when riding on Woodward Ramps and Rails, from Huna DesignsTM. Riding surfaces are made with Skatelite ProTM for top performance and have an acoustical underlayment for noise reduction. The 12-gauge galvanized-steel frames provide rock-solid durability. All steel frames are covered under HUNA's limited 15-year warranty. The reconfigurable modular units keep children of all abilities continuously challenged.

Huna Designs: 800-430-7407

Height-Adjustable System

SkateWave offers the new Skate-Wave 2.0 modular skate park system, one of the first to use PVC-coated, 12-gauge steel on its modules. It's also one of the first fully modular skate park systems to offer riders the ability to adjust the height of three independent grind rails without needing any tools. Inte-grated layers of PVC and steel are on the decks, frames, back and side panels, side braces, and transition plates, providing smoother transitions from the ground to the ramps and a more stable, precise ride. The bonded layer of PVC reduces noise and is more wear-resistant than wood or composite surfaces.

SkateWave, Division of Landscape Structures: 866-758-9283

Creative Components

GTAction Modular Skate Parks provide youth with a cutting-edge arena for extreme sports. The wide selection of creative components and quality materials allows skaters to challenge their abilities within the domain of the skate park and not the city streets. GTAction relies on the tubular steel construction of ramps created by Spohn, a well-known leader in skate park manufacturing and installation. Made with galvanized-steel framing, recycled polyethylene substrate and a Skatelite surface for weatherproofing, the ramps have a no-burn surface and shock absorbency. They also feature protective metal edging, even behind the coping where most damage occurs from bikes.

GameTime: 800-235-2440

Composite Skate Parks

TrueRide features a composite ramp system that lasts many years outside. Their carefully chosen synergy of exterior-grade materials combine to form one of the finest outdoor ramps available. They are affordable, long lasting and offer a great ride while looking good too. Besides high-quality materials, TrueRide pays attention to detail, innovative designs, unique park layouts and superior craftsmanship.

True Ride Inc.: 218-525-2625

Strong Stuff

When your plan calls for a skate park to last longer than five years without required maintenance and requires noise reduction, the MCSS is a product that can help make your skate park a success. The MCSS has strong grind edges and copings, using stainless steel that is twice as thick most builders. The skating surface is hard-troweled with enough grip for wheels, yet smooth enough to be forgiving when a skater falls. Skaters appreciate the excellent transitions, and you'll appreciate one of the quietest parks around.

Skateparks2Playground: 847-533-9726