Bring on the Sun

Hillcrest High School in Dallas recently installed a Daktronics All SportĀ® BA-2004-11-LED baseball scoreboard. The school chose this board for its high-quality LED technology. Whereas the school had trouble with light bulbs in the past, the Daktronics LED board is easy to see during the day and even in bright sunlight. Besides its excellent visibility, Daktronics outdoor LED technology requires little maintenance and uses minimal power. It displays score, balls, strikes, outs and hit/error information.

Daktronics: 888-325-8766

Swim-Meet Scoring

International Sports Timing offers low-cost LED scoreboards for swimming with a five-year warranty. Available for indoor and outdoor venues, the units can be expanded to multi-line or upgraded to alphanumeric as funds are available. Combine with TIMEWARE Software for Windows to turn your computer into a swim-timing console. Create-and save-your own event lists; set up meets; time and place events with one or more heats; score and place diving; and print out event results, meet results and team splits. Add a SWIMSTART and cables for low-cost button timing or use with your existing touch pads and start.

International Sports Timing: 800-835-2611

Digital Spread

Eversan, Inc. manufactures 2.4-Ghz digital spread-spectrum wireless scoreboards, message signs, timers and video displays. The company combines technology with innovation to create durable products that exceed the high demands of athletic programs. Eversan's wireless system features fully integrated microprocessor-controlled components and embedded radios. High-frequency-hopping data transfer eliminates cable clutter and reduces installation cost and setup time. Choose either LED or Reflective technology, providing up to a 170-degree viewing angle and high visibility.

Eversan, Inc.: 800-383-6060

Stylish and Reliable

Fair-Play's long tradition of engineering excellence carries over into its newest LED Bar digit technology. The stylish, contemporary design gives a state-of-the-art look to any facility, and its exceptional brightness offers high visibility from any seat in the house. Superior digit contrast means viewers experience excellent side-angle viewing as well. Long-life LEDs reduce maintenance costs, and Fair-Play users also benefit from low-energy consumption. As always, the latest technology from Fair-Play is easy to use and reliable.

Fair-Play Scoreboard: 800-247-0265

Scoreboard Graphics

Spectrum Scoreboards offers a complete in-house graphics staff to help directors and sponsors freshen up their mascot or logo artwork or reproduce unique logos to exact specifications. Spectrum's combination of graphics, team name and colored captions is distinguished by its brilliant color range. Choose from one of the largest selections of standard baseball models, covering everything from basic little-league fields to full-size pro facilities. All Spectrum Scoreboards are available with LED digits and wireless control option.

Spectrum Scoreboards: 800-392-5050

Remote Control

Sportable Scoreboards is a leading scoreboard manufacturer and an originator of wireless remote control for scoreboards. Sportable scoring equipment comes in a variety of displays, including light bulb and 100,000-hour-rated super-bright LED numerals. Outdoor LED scoreboards are now available. Customers include most of the NFL and many NBA teams as well as major colleges and universities, high schools, park and recreation departments, youth leagues, corporate recreation leagues, military bases, and thousands of other organizations.

Sportable Scoreboards: 800-323-7745


All American Scoreboards offers interference-free radio (wireless) control featuring 2.4-Ghz frequency spread-spectrum technology. Costly data cable installations and connection problems are eliminated. Multiple channel options and extended ranges provide for almost any scoreboard configuration. In addition, transmitter modem and antenna are completely enclosed inside the control console for maximum component protection and easy of handling.

All American Scoreboards: 800-356-8146

Multisport Boards

Nevco Scoreboard Company manufactures scoreboards for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, swimming, track, hockey and inline hockey. Indoor scoreboards are available in incandescent and LED technology. LEDs have a rated life of 100,000 hours. The Baseball Model 1006 features 18-inch-high numerals that display player-at-bat, ball, strike, out and hit/error, while 14-inch-high numerals display inning-by-inning score, total runs and hits/errors. The unit comes with MPC-5 microprocessor-based operator's control. Scoreboard size is 24 feet long by 8 feet high by 8 feet deep. Approximate hanging weight is 670 pounds. Nevco Scoreboards carry a five-year guarantee and are UL-listed/CSA-certified.

Nevco Scoreboard Company: 800-851-4040