Inline in or Out

Mateflex, one of the oldest U.S. manufacturers of modular sports tiles, offers two unique modular surfaces for inline and ball hockey needs. Mateflex III is an open grid design for outdoor installations. It features smooth, flat ribs for optimum puck speed and fast skating properties. It's fully UV- and heat-stabilized for use from far northern climates to the tropics. Mateflex IIIS is available for indoor applications. Made from the same tough material formulation, it features a smooth, solid top that most resembles a real ice surface.

Mateflex: 800-926-3539

Line up for Membership

USA Hockey InLine is a membership-based inline hockey organization. Membership services include nationwide inline hockey league sanctioning, individual participant membership registration, coaching and officiating educational programs, regional and national tournaments, official playing rules, comprehensive insurance coverage, player development programs, and world championship events. USA Hockey InLine is the largest inline hockey organization in the world with 450 sanctioned leagues and more than 70,000 registered members.

USA Hockey InLine: 719-576-8724

Stop Cold Humidity

The HCD-LT dehumidification system is specially designed to operate in lower temperature environments such as indoor ice rinks. It removes excessive humidity caused by spectators and outside air infiltration, preventing fogging at the ice surface and the formation of condensate that collects on structural components. It also reduces operating load on ice-making equipment and recycles heat energy back to the air space for efficient operation. The TD-2000 microprocessor-based controller includes sensors to monitor inside air temperature, humidity and outside temperature (with economizer option). The controller can be mounted up to 1,000 feet away from the unit.

PoolPak Inc.: 717-757-2648

Aerospace Standards on Ice

VenueDek provides limitless options for conversion flooring. A technologically advanced floor system, VenueDek is engineered through experience and manufactured with aerospace standards and materials. Polyurethane fiberglass composites make VenueDek panels the choice of many rink owners and operators. No wood or recycled products are used, which means VenueDek won't freeze, warp or swell. And the 5-foot-by-8-foot dimensions of VenueDek panels make sense because the typical ice rink is divisible by five. VenueDek panels fit easily across the breadth of the ice rink, minimizing the number of panels needed and the cutting necessary.

Burley's Rink Supply Inc.: 800-4-BURLEY

Tough Dasher Boards

Rink Systems' Inline Xtreme portable dasher boards feature a tough galvanized metal framework that requires no tools or fasteners to assemble. The fiberglass laminate facing is guaranteed not to chip, crack or fade. Effective for both indoor and outdoor applications, they set up in only a few hours on any level playing surface. They also stack neatly, taking up minimal space. Nylon mesh netting or chain-link fencing is available to complete the system.

Rink Systems, Inc.: 800-944-7930

Rink Ready

NiceRink outdoor rink systems provide temporary outdoor ice rink peace of mind. The patented, bracket side board support system, combined with NiceRink's ultra-strong, puncture- and tear-resistant super-white liners make for an effective temporary rink design. Once the rink is in place, use the patented NiceIce resurfacer to smooth over any rink in a short amount of time, using minimal water and minimal effort.

NiceRink: 888-NICERIN

TAK That

Sport Court, Inc. has designed the A•TAK flooring system to meet the high demands of aggressive play and performance from sports like roller hockey. A•TAK, an industry leader in roller hockey, delivers a better coefficient of friction, less stake vibration and less puck chatter than many other floors of its kind. It's the official flooring for NARCH and USA Hockey Inline. A•TAK is not only cost effective and designed for multipurpose use, but it's also portable and offers custom colors.

Sport Court, Inc.: 800-421-8112

Aluminum Dasher Boards

Out with the old, in with the new. Steel-framed dasher boards are an industry standard for ice and inline hockey rinks, but Athletic recommends aluminum framed dasher board systems. Aluminum frames won't corrode, provide the same strength as steel with more flexibility and are lighter for conversion purposes. Athletic offers aluminum rinks for the same price as steel. With more than 35 years of experience in the rink industry, Athletica is committed to continuing dasher board innovation and design.

Athletica, Inc.: 800-809-7465