Hands-on Biking

The new EndorphinTM Hand Cycle-Elite Series increases customer interest in cardio-vascular exercise and delivers excellent upper-body muscle conditioning. Users can choose from eight workout programs displayed on a large LED monitor. Measured functions include time, distance, age, calories, speed and pulse. Bi-directional resistance is produced with a quiet, low-friction belt. Special handles adjust to a vertical 45-degree or horizontal position for additional therapy benefits. The handles revolve in either an opposed or reciprocal motion. The unit may be converted to a floor model with optional foot pedals, and a Cycle Table is optional.

The Endorphin Corporation: 727-545-9848

Portable Pool Lift

RehaMed International manufactures an innovative line of portable pool and spa lifts that provide access to aquatic facilities for individuals with disabilities or mobility impairments. Choose from lifts for pools, spas, cruise ships and docks. All products use electronic components that are powered by a 24-volt rechargeable battery. This combination helps insure that the lifts work consistently. The PAL-Portable Aquatic Lift is one of the only completely portable lifts available. It can be moved easily around the pool deck and is ideal for facilities with multiple pools. The Splash! is also an easily removable and portable deck-mounted lift.

RehaMed International, LLC: 800-577-4424

Spa Therapy

The AquaPhysio TherapySpa was created to meet the special needs of the aquatic physical therapist, aquatic rehabilitation therapist and aerobic exercise instructor. The depth has been increased, seats removed and steps redesigned. More room allows therapists to work with patients or do water massage such as Watsu. The swim jets are optional depending on your application. While there are three models designed specifically for the therapist, there are other models such as the 16-foot and 19-foot units with attached spas to swim and exercise in a cool temperature pool and relax in the warm jetted spa.

Rio Swim/Spas Inc.: 956-831-2715

Marina Movability

The ADA-compliant Ramp RiderTM is an aluminum gangway with a passenger lift system. It provides people of varying disabilities a way to move safely between different elevations in a marine environment. A self-leveling, all-wheel-drive, battery-powered car travels on a specialized aluminum gangway to provide access to floating docks and marinas. The design of the rail sys-tem and vehicle keeps the vehicle and passenger horizontal, regardless of the angle of the rails. The system is designed for your marina and is available in sizes to suit almost any fluctuation of water.

REDD Team Mfg.: 800-648-3696

Accessible Shower

Most Dependable Fountains offers an accessible, vandal-resistant shower for your public beach or recreational area. The Model 560 features a metered side of the shower with the push bar at 40 inches and the shower head at 48 inches to accommodate wheelchair use. The opposite side of the Model 560 has the Most Dependable Fountains' standard foot and shower heads and push bars with self-closing valves. The unit, which is available in nine free colors, meets all requirements of a high-traffic area while maintaining the Most Dependable Fountain reputation of long-lasting durability.

Most Dependable Fountains: 800-552-6331

Wet Upon Impact

AquaJogger offers a no-impact option for traditional physical therapy. Taking physical therapy to the water has many benefits that are not attainable on land. AquaJogger buoyancy belts can support up to 90 percent of a person's body weight while allowing the user to work target muscle groups without the impact on joints, legs, hips and back. A complete line of buoyancy products range from the original Classic belt, newly redesigned footwear for the Aqua Runners and the Complete Fitness System that offers everything needed for a complete, no-impact physical therapy program.

AquaJogger: 800-922-9544

Get in the Water

Improve your pool access with AquaTrek ladders, steps, ramps and wheelchairs from Rehab Systems, LLC. Constructed of a noncorrosive metal skeleton encased in a rigid PVC skin, they are durable, lightweight and considered some of the best pool access pieces in the industry. All products are manufactured from high-quality polyvinyl chloride (with titanium dioxide, weather inhibitors and impact modifiers), stainless steel, brass anchors and nonslip surfaces. Custom construction of the product creates a superior fit for your facility. Units come with a one-year warranty and are easily removed for automatic pool cleaners, retractable pool covers and solar blankets.

Rehab Systems, LLC: 800-726-8620

Wet Collar

New to the Water Gear line for 2002 is the Water CellTM flotation collar, used to suspend individuals in water therapy to isolate legs and arms. Super-soft foam provides comfort as well as a long product life. The neck collar is fully adjustable in order to fit a variety of neck sizes. It suspends a person weighing up to approximately 220 pounds.

Water Gear Inc.: 800-794-6432