Keep it Simple

A comprehensive and uniform Architectural Simple SignTM package can enhance the appearance of your site as well as provide orientation and direction for your sign installations and projects. The Plastic Lumber Company's sign shop offers expertise of more than 15 years of routing experience, providing signs that are precision computer-routed and tailored to your design specifications. Clients have included municipal, state and federal facilities. With its experience, service and skills using these materials, the Plastic Lumber Company can insure that your project is completed on time and in a professional manner-all beautifully coordinated in maintenance-free signage.

Plastic Lumber Company: 800-886-8990

Unique Designed Signs

Besides directing pedestrians from Point A to Point B, a good signage program also can help reinforce an area's image. For many parks and recreation areas, this means communicating a sense of environmental consciousness within the recreation area. This can be done through unique graphics and sign design technology. One technology in particular is Whitco's "Whitcolite" embedded fiber-glass products. They have proven durability for vigorous outdoor use. Also, with Whitco's Greenway signs, which include trail markers and Gateways, visitors get an immediate feeling of the great outdoors.

Whitco Sign & Mfg. Corporation: 800-927-3977

New Car Luster

Signetics has been custom-designing and manufacturing high-quality signs all around the country for more than 20 years. Specializing in redwood, cedar, sign-foam, granite, Corian, limestone and bronze, Signetics works with any type of material to produce signs that enhance your property for many years. A new method of application using automotive clear-coat finish over redwood or sign-foam creates an attractive new-car luster finish that not only protects your signs from environmental factors but provides superior UV protection as well. Redwood signs offer a beautiful wood color, displaying the actual wood grain and now offer ultimate protection for outside use.

Signetics: 800-776-4152

Computer-Savvy Signs

Plywood signs are being replaced by less costly, eye-catching younger siblings. offers attractive commercial signs that are less expensive than traditional site signs. They feature a digitally printed message, a rigid plastic sign face and a decorative PVC frame. can print virtually anything on your sign, including full-color photos, renderings and logos. The computer-driven, digital technique allows application of multiple colors simultaneously. Any special effect that a computer can produce-borders, shadows, decorative flourishes-can also be printed on your sign at no additional cost. Prices start as low as $85, and there is no minimum order. 888-843-7446

Smart Signs

Meeting the highest standards for quality and design, Stewart is the official sign provider for some of the nation's largest associations. The company offers electronic message centers and changeable copy signs with graffiti-resistant finishes and vandal covers. Company consultants assist in developing the right image by providing eye-catching graphics and easy-to-use, durable signage. The company is a GSA-approved vendor. Signs carry a 20-year warranty.

Stewart Signs: 800-237-3928

Sign Brochure

ENVIROSIGNS offers a free brochure with drawings of its Standard Models showing the most popular designs chosen by park systems nationwide. This will now make purchasing beautifully designed and made Enviropoly Sign Structures easier than ever. Enviropoly Sign features: Vandal Resistant, No Maintenance, UV Stable, No Painting, No Rotting and No Delaminating. Other products: site furnishings, interpretive signs, plastic and metal letters, golf course signs, and more.

Envirosigns, Ltd.: 1-888-492-5377