Get Connected

With RecWare's new recreation management software, RecNet(r), private and municipal recreation departments can easily automate and add Internet registration without costly high-speed network connectivity. RecNet is a Web-based, hosted software product that offers access from any computer at any location in real time. RecNet is fully hosted on the company's powerful and secure servers, so you can offer safe and reliable Internet registration without purchasing or managing your own server infrastructure. Staff can access real-time data with the ability to view walk-in and Internet registration activity as it happens. Software updates and new enhancements are automatically installed.

RecWare, part of The Active Network: 888-732-9273

Waste-Not Napkins

Georgia-Pacific has developed a new high-capacity napkin dispensing system that offers a one-at-a-time touchless delivery system. The EasyNap increases sanitation by helping to reduce cross-contamination, and it increases savings by controlling usage and waste. In market research, EasyNap garnered ratings of very good to excellent from 90 percent of customers and high marks from crew as well. The one-at-a-time dispensing system reduced napkin usage by up to 30 percent because customers couldn't grab a wad of napkins that then go to waste. EasyNap also has see-through front covers so staff can see when the unit needs refilling.

Georgia-Pacific: 888-764-3353

Climb to the Sky

Children's imaginations take them on soaring adventures with The Baron, new from Recreation Creations, Inc. Like all of RCI's equipment, this piece features plenty of climbing and offers age-appropriate fun. It also includes RCI's powder- coat finish to provide high-quality color and surface protection. The Baron is only one of RCI's new flight-themed structures. You can also choose from the Kiddy Hawk or the AstroShuttle. The sky's the limit.

Recreation Creations, Inc.: 800-766-9458

Anti-Collision Course

The Double First Base by AFP Soft Touch(r) provides the fielder and runner with separate bases, reducing the chance of collision. AFP uses Stay Down(r) Convertible ground anchor to fit existing 1-inch stakes or 1-1/2-inch sleeves. This model is available with 12-inch spike mounting to adapt to any field. The doubles also come in sets that include second and third bases. The bases are available in the Soft Touch(r) Double, which allows use without having to change any anchor system on your playing field. The bases are made with durable, cut-resistant polyurethane and come with a one-year warranty.

AFP Soft Touch: 866-544-2077

Tall Walls

Versa-Lok(r) Mosaic(r) Retaining Wall Systems are one of the only random-pattern systems capable of producing walls taller than four feet with geosynthetic reinforcement. The system entails a unique 10-inch-high panel built with three distinct Versa-Lok retaining wall units (one Standard, one Cobble(r) and two Accent(r) units) that create a level surface every 10 inches. This level surface is crucial for optimal installation of geosynthetic reinforcement and "tall wall" construction. The end result is a faster, easier installation. Mosaic walls can be assembled using any one of four configurations, lending a weathered look.

Versa-Lok Retaining Wall Systems: 800-770-4525

A Rainbow of Rubber

Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc., manufacturer of nora(r) Rubber Flooring, now offers noraplan(r) astro, a rubber floor covering with a homogeneous design and unique pattern. The sophisticated design offers three hues without a dominating background color, allowing for numerous design options. This 2-mm smooth-surface flooring is available in both tiles and sheet goods in a selection of 35 colors-19 with harmonious hues to create a tone-on-tone look and 16 with distinctly different hues to be used as accents. The comprehensive and systematic color range, with neutral to bright saturated hues, allows designers to create atmospheres from traditional to contemporary.

Freudenberg Building Systems: 800-332-NORA

Love 30

SportMaster Industries offers the ColorPlus tennis court coating system that consists of 100-percent acrylic neutral concentrate mixed with ColorPlus pigment dispersion. The ColorPlus tennis surface colorizes a 30-gallon container of neutral concentrate with just two gallons of pigment. This allows for minimum inventory yet a multitude of color options. Responding to unusual color requests is no longer a problem. If needed, one-gallon pails of ColorPlus can be shipped quickly to meet custom color needs. ColorPlus pigment dispersion is available in a variety of colors including "tournament purple."

SportMaster Industries: 800-395-7325

Double-Sided Slide

The new Landscape Structures Lava Run has a top surface with a double slide that lets children ages 2 to 5 ride down the lava side-by-side. The underside is decorated with friendly creatures for a cozy exploring space. The Lava Run's double slide flows down from any Landscape Structures PlayShaper(r) structure to a broad twin-sided exit area that allows children to stand up and exit without interference. A molded hood at the top safely guides children onto the slide and provides a clean look. The Lava Run comes in four colors and is constructed of durable rotationally molded double-walled polyethylene.

Landscape Structures: 888-4FUNLSI