Saf and Sound

No Fault Sport Group has embraced the limitless possibilities of playground play with its many applications available with its SAF DEK safety surface. SAF DEK has been an innovative industry leader for more than 17 years. No Fault is dedicated to service, quality and children's safety, as well as ingenuity within the surface industry. A recent installation at a YMCA illustrates the safety benefits with No Fault SAF DEK, while maintaining a unique and superior play facility. This neighborhood pool is a creative water play area and stands apart from others with its emphasis on safety and originality through its use of No Fault SAF DEK surface.

No Fault Sport Group, LLC: 866-NF-SPORT

The Ring That Fits

The Jamestown ADA Wheelchair Accessible Fire Ring sets a standard for the industry with its revolutionary design. Introduced in 1998, it incorporates an outer and inner ring of continuously welded 7-gauge steel. The outer ring has ventilation holes, providing natural cooling to the outer ring by convection. Double-walled construction makes this ADA-compliant product safe and user-friendly. Two models are available: One includes a 180-degree tilt back cooking grate with optional interior log grate; the other has an adjustable four-level cooking grate. Both models come with staples for permanent mounting and are powder-coated for added protection.

Jamestown Advanced Products Corporation: 800-452-0639

Sports Stats

Nevco Scoreboard Company manufactures scoreboards for basketball, baseball, football, soccer, wrestling, volleyball, swimming, track, hockey and inline hockey. Indoor and outdoor scoreboards are available in incandescent lamp and LED technology. LEDs have a rated life of 100,000 hours. The Baseball Model 1535 features bright red-orange LEDs and 18-inch-high numerals that display team scores, inning, balls, strikes and outs. The scoreboard is 16 feet long by 6 feet high by 8 inches deep. It weighs approximately 255 pounds hanging. Nevco Scoreboards carry a five-year guarantee and are UL-Listed/CSA-Certified. Wireless controls are available.

Nevco Scoreboard Company: 800-851-4040

The Bright Side

Trans-Lux Fair-Play advances a long tradition of engineering excellence with its new line of outdoor LED scoreboards and marquees. Fair-Play LEDs offer exceptional brightness, as well as side-angle viewing, so fans can enjoy great visibility even in bright sunlight. The scoreboards also offer excellent on/off contrast. Because LEDs last long, maintenance costs and energy consumption are minimized. Fair-Play's stylish, contemporary designs add a state-of-the-art look to any stadium or field. A complete line of football, soccer, track, baseball, softball and multipurpose boards build game excitement for your sports facility. Add Fair-Play's wireless controller for extra convenience.

Fair-Play: 800-247-0265

Stage and Scenery

EnWood Structures can set the stage for your day or evening in the park. This attractive amphitheater combines the excitement of entertainment with the natural beauty of the outdoors. Designed, engineered and manufactured with more than 60 years of expertise, EnWood Structures' amphitheaters can be sized to fit your budget and your project needs. Like all of EnWood's recreational shelters, quality craftsmanship is the benchmark. The line also includes picnic shelters, mini shelters, sign shelters, dugout covers and gazebos. All are available in a variety of sizes, pre-engineered, and designed to make installation easy and cost-efficient.

EnWood Structures: 800-777-8648

Bang for Your Puck

Athletica's Border Patrol Permanent Rink Systems are one of the inline hockey industry's leading choices with more than 300 installations worldwide. Border Patrol permanent outdoor dasher boards feature the most durable weatherproof components, aluminum and fiberglass. Aluminum frames are as strong as steel, but will never rust or corrode, and fiberglass facing outperforms wood composite and plastic over time. A Border Patrol Rink specialist can get your inline rink project rolling. As preferred rink equipment supplier to the NHL, Athletica also offers Crystaplex, Ice Rink Systems, GamePlex Multi-Sport Rink Systems, Border Patrol Portable Rink Systems and RampRider Skatepark Equipment.

Athletic, Inc.: 800-809-RINK

Chance of Showers

ShowerTower offers an elegant new look in outdoor showers for pools, beaches and parks. The showers feature granite and sandstone colors with a granular stone-like appearance. The colors are molded right into the ultra-tough polymer tower, which never needs painting or waterproofing. The towers resist sun, sand and chlorine and won't fade, crack or rust. Plumbing on the ready-to-install units is completely protected inside the column. Push-button self-closing valves and recessed shower heads are made of severe-service stainless steel. Each ShowerTower can serve up to six people with a choice of showers and foot washes in any configuration.

Shower Tower, Inc.: 800-330-9073

Adjust to Height

Bison's UltimateTM Adjustable basketball system features a large, 6-inch square pole, official-size 42-inch-by-72-inch clear backboard and heavy-duty, double-rim flex goal. Goal height adjusts from the playing surface with a detachable hand-held crank. Select a backboard of 1/2-inch tempered glass, 1/2-inch clear acrylic or 1/2-inch unbreakable, clear polycarbonate. Regardless of backboard selected, the entire system is covered with a lifetime warranty. Safe play area between the backboard and pole is 50 inches at the official 10-foot goal height. The safe play area extends as the goal is lowered, clearing 64 inches at 8 feet for greater safety when it's needed most.

Bison Inc.: 800-247-7668