Give Us Shelter

Poligon® gazebos turn ordinary parks into extraordinary landscapes. By overlooking the water's edge, the octagon pictured here, located at Canandaigua Lake in Kershaw Park, N.Y., becomes the focal point of the park. It spans 28 feet with tubular steel columns, has ornamental steel handrails and a warm ceiling of tongue-and-groove pine. Poligon® octagon series gazebos are available in many sizes and can be ordered with a double or a triple roof tier. All Poligon® shelters, gazebos and pavilions are easy to install, vandal-resistant and long-lasting. Each shelter is available in a variety of frame finishes, roof systems, ornamentation and cupolas.

PorterCorp., division of Poligon: 800-354-7721

Water Flow

The new Silver Flow Series from Vortex is a creation of contemporary, architectural design that maintains Vortex's commitment to child safety, increased play value, durability, low water consumption and high quality. Other features include interactive play; non-corrosive, polished stainless-steel finish; tamper-resistance; wheelchair accessibility and a choice of colorful accessories.

Vortex Aquatic Structures International: 514-948-4899

Lighten up on Litter

Keep cigarette butt litter and other waste out of sight with attractive solutions from Smokers' OutpostTM. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, Smokers' Outpost units save time and money and are effective for any place smokers gather, such as building entrances, break areas and designated smoking areas. Create an ideal ash and trash combination by coordinating your Smokers' OutpostTM with one of the new durable and attractive StoneTecTM Waste Containers. With so many options, there's a design to meet your cigarette waste disposal needs.

Smokers' Outpost: 866-571-3074

Many Modular Models

WalCon, Inc. manufactures modular buildings in concrete, wood and metal. Standard products include restroom buildings in single-stall or multi-stall units that come with or without showers. You can also choose from concession stands, guard stands, shelters or a storage building. There are more than 50 standard models available including flush, composting and vault systems. Special designs are available, as are picnic tables, benches and signs.

WalCon, Inc.: 888-925-2660

Portable Scorables

Increase levels of excitement and competition on your playing field with the new outdoor portable scoreboard from All American Scoreboards. Lightweight and versatile, the slimline unit weighs only 28 pounds and can easily be transported in the trunk of most midsize vehicles. Scoring information is displayed on easy-to-read 7-3/4-inch high-contrast yellow digits, which intensify in brightness as ambient light increases. A common power-tool-style 9.6-volt rechargeable battery provides continuous power for more than 25 hours and recharges in 45 minutes. A compact hand-held radio (wireless) remote offers easy control. Rounded case and digit assemblies are durable and impact-resistant.

All American Scoreboards: 800-356-8146

Surface for Fun

Dinoflex Playground Tiles minimize injuries caused by falls onto the playground surface. With attention to ASTM F1292 fall heights and Head Impact Criteria, Dinoflex engineers developed a playground surface that meets both local and federal government regulations. Besides safety, the World of Playtiles promotes learning, creativity and interactive play. Turn your playground into an accessible play area with Dinoflex PlayTiles. Jump at exercise opportunities with the Hopscotch Set and games made with PlayTile Letters and Numbers. Transform your playground surface into a jungle of adventure with the Animal Series. Or send your playground into orbit with the new Space Series.

Dinoflex: 877-713-1899

Water Slides

Spectrum Aquatics® offers a complete variety of water slides. All units are manufactured in-house, thus providing you with the quality and dependability you expect. Spectrum strives to provide quality engineered products that add fun as well as are safe and durable. All stairs, rails and protective barriers exceed Consumer Safety Commission standards. LeasePlan available.

Spectrum Aquatics®: 800-776-5309

Hanging Tough

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company combines PVC, a good length of chain and a lot of ingenuity for its latest line of play components, the Tensile Tough Climbers. The unique use of chains with soft PVC molded on helps prevent blisters while providing a fun and moving play experience. From the aptly named Horseshoe Climber (available in free-standing or deck-to-deck configurations) to the Net Climber to the Free-Standing Climber, kids can get their hands (and feet) on Tensile Tough components.

Miracle Recreation Equipment Company: 800-523-4202