Take a Seat Outdoors

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls manufactures a full line of outdoor furniture including 100-percent-recycled picnic tables, which are a great addition to any park, school, golf course or commercial setting. The picnic tables are available in standard 6-foot length or an 8-foot handicap-accessible length in either the "walk-through" or "step-over" design. Choose from colors including gray, brown and cedar. The tables weigh an average of 400 pounds and are built to withstand hard use. A hot-dipped galvanized support insures that these tables provide superior strength and will not sag.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls: 800-338-1438

Check Points

Wristbands are an effective method of visually identifying your paying customers and can be used for crowd management, special privileges, catering, age ID, height restrictions and any application where a visual means of identification is needed. Made of strong, waterproof, lightweight Tyvek®, bands are easily applied to the wrist with an adhesive strip. Available in a variety of colorful stock designs, they can also be custom-designed and bar-coded for your facility or event. Prenumbered for ease of control, wristbands are virtually tamper-resistant, due to a series of die-cuts at the point of adhesion.

National Ticket Company: 800-829-0829

Flip Flop

The innovative, new Flip Flop from Playworld Systems® is definitely not your childhood teeter-totter. The comfortable sculpted seats are balanced with the diagonal rider. The front handles make it easier for users to hold on, while the pivoting rods prevent sudden drops. Kids will be lining up to go up and down on the Flip Flop.

Playworld Systems: 570-522-9800

Versatile Dock

Rugged, adaptable, reliable, safe and constructed with polyethylene, docks, boat lifts and PWC lifts from EZ Dock have a unique design that delivers outstanding load capacity, versatility and safety. The simple building-block design allows virtually unlimited layout flexibility. A variety of dock sections and lifts, coupled with an extensive selection of anchoring systems and accessories, make it easy to customize the system to meet your needs. For private, commercial or public facilities, the EZ Dock system is a simple, low-maintenance, versatile design that provides years of convenient, dependable use.

EZ Dock: 800-654-8168

You Can Banquet on It

Al-u-LiteTM Lightweight Folding Banquet Tables are some of the lightest and most durable folding tables in the industry. Because of their all-aluminum construction, Al-u-liteTM tables are heat- and fire-resistant as well as rust- and dent-proof. They won't melt or warp under extreme weather conditions, which make them effective for indoor or outdoor use. Their low weight means setup and take-down are easily handled by one person. The tables offer excellent quality, and Southern Aluminum offers high-quality customer service. Southern Aluminum is so confident in its manufacturing that it backs its products with a lifetime guarantee.

Southern Aluminum: 800-221-0408

Active Accessibility

Visitors using wheelchairs can stay in the center of activities with new side-access wheelchair accessible tables from Pilot Rock Park Equipment. By removing one section of one seat, an opening is made for a wheelchair. The opened side includes one or two small seats for one person on either side of the wheelchair. Tables come in 6-foot or 8-foot lengths with side access on one side or a 12-foot table with two side access openings diagonally opposite each other. The tables feature welded steel pipe frames with a hot-dip galvanized finish. Choose lumber or aluminum for top and seats.

RJ Thomas Manufacturing Company: 800-762-5002

Benches on a Budget

If you're on a tight budget, you can generate funds, improve your facility and increase community involvement at the same time with a precast concrete bench of your choice at Wausau Tile's everyday budget pricing. Then, resell the bench at a markup of your choice by adding a donor plaque or having Wausau engrave the commemoration. Wausau also offers waste containers, ash urns, tables, planters, bollards, playground climbers and signs.

Wausau Tile, Inc.: 800-388-8728

Pedal on Water

Pedal Cruisers are some of the most trouble-free rental-duty pedal boats on the market. They feature self-draining seats, pedal wells and pontoons, so there's never any bailing or hassle with drain plugs. The pontoons are 100-percent foam-filled, so the boat remains level even if damaged. Re-greasable bearings have easy-to-reach fittings, reducing downtime. The heavy-duty fibergalss Pedal Cruisers are comfortable to sit in and have steering wheels like a car and specially designed paddle wheels for greater speed with easier pedaling. A new rudder design offers exceptional steering control. Choose from a variety of colors and two- or four-person models.

Kay Park-Recreation Corp.: 800-553-2476