The Flooring Spectrum

SpectraTurf® is a world leader in safety surfacing for playgrounds. All its products give children a firm, stable and slip-resistant surface that is accessible to all users. SpectraPour® is installed over concrete by skilled technicians to meet current slope and path of travel requirements. Transitional pieces within a SpectraLock® surface provide a gentle slope between fall heights. SpectraBoundTM, made from recycled tires, makes sectional ramping easy to install and provides access right where you want it. An optional EPDM top allows you to complement your equipment color scheme.

SpectraTurf: 800-875-5788

Pool Cleaners

Budget your time and labor far more efficiently by using one of the world's leading and most comprehensive commercial swimming pool cleaners to automatically scrub, vacuum and filter any size, shape or design pool. With a minimal investment of only three to six months of your standard labor costs, you could pay for your entire pool-cleaning expenses with the application of any Aqua Products cleaner. Our pool-cleaner experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate AquaMax or UltraMax model for your specific wants and facility needs. Join the thousands of cities and municipalities that have made the educated decision.

Aqua Products: 800-221-1750 x120