Do the Hustle

When size does matter, the new Hustler Mini ZTM is the right size for mowing residential and small commercial properties. The 72-inch unit is the shortest Z in the Mini class, and its 28-inch seat is one of the lowest in the industry. Features include easy maintenance; stainless-steel, high-pressure hydraulic lines; and twin-lever steering with automatic park brake system. Fuel-efficient Honda and Kawasaki engines come in 19- to 25-horsepower; side-discharge/mulching decks are available in 44 inches or 52 inches. The tractor frame and leading edge of the deck have a lifetime warranty.

Excel Industries: 800-395-4757

Heated Pools Made Easy

E-Zee Flow indirect pool heater saves on installation and stretches your budget and your pool season by using energy from an existing boiler. A full range of sizes accommodates swimming pools, spas and hot tubs for residential and commercial applications. It is also designed to perform at high fluid velocities with low pressure drops. Made of entirely high-quality, specially treated 316L stainless steel, the E-Zee ensures superior corrosion resistance and a long life. E-Zee Flow is manufactured by Diversified Heat Transfer Inc., a long-established designer and manufacturer of heat-transfer equipment.

Diversified Heat Transfer Inc.: 800-221-1522

Basketball Booster

The new SAMTM 9 from Schelde North America meets the demands of today's stronger, faster athletes. It offers a full nine-foot extension from its backboard to its base, allowing players more room for aggressive play while enabling the goal unit to fit in facilities that cannot accommodate the larger SAMTM 10 or Super SAMTM 10 units. Based on the might SAMTM 10 platform, the SAMTM 9 provides incredible rigidity and beam strength that allows it to remain static even after the meanest monster dunks. The unit meets or exceeds all specifications of the NBA, NCAA and most international competition.

Schelde North America: 888-724-3533

Apply When Wet

Millcreek Manufacturing Company's Turf TigerTM is a new type of large-capacity topdresser for sports turf and golf course applications that applies topdressing and bulk materials even when wet, which adds flexibility for scheduling and working around variable weather and material moisture conditions. The 7,500-pound-capacity Turf TigerTM features the patent-pending SaberToothTM attachment, a series of uniquely arranged steel plates mounted on a rapidly spinning bar. The SaberToothTM is aggressive in handling wet or clumpy material, with a spreading pattern consistent and precise across a path that ranges from 8-feet- to 12-feet-wide.

Millcreek Manufacturing Company: 800-311-1323

The Canine Cooler

A Most Dependable Fountain, Inc. drinking fountain with pet fountain attached can increase park use. The sturdy construction of the New Aggregate Model 3300 features a solid stainless-steel bubbler, bowl, push button and push-button housing. Weighing approximately 430 pounds, the model comes in a direct-bury installation only. The pet fountain comes standard with the people fountain on this model. Most Dependable Fountains offers multiple options including nine free color choices on all its steel products. Other products include outdoor foot and shower towers, hose bibbs, jug fillers, handwash stations, bike racks, security bollards, and campground lantern poles.

Most Dependable Fountains, Inc.: 800-552-6331

Power Hole-Puncher

For soil conditions that need maximum plug removal per square foot, Rock Solid offers the Plugr PL800 Pro. It has the same 30-inch aeration width as Rock Solid's popular commercial Plugr PL600 with two additional cams—eight total—that move the tines closer together, increasing the number of cores per square feet by 20 percent. The aeration pattern is a tight 2-1/4-inches by 8 inches. These lightweight units have four wheels and a wide, stable base, allowing Plugrs to make 90-degree turns, maneuver along curves, back up under overhanging trees and manage steeper hills.

Rock Solid: 888-418-9065

General Category Catalog

A new 180-page general catalog from Lyon Workspace Products highlights nine major product categories, such as safety and ergonomic products, workspace furniture, storage cabinets, shelving, rack, modular drawer cabinets, and tool storage. The catalog features more than 5,000 catalog numbers, headlined by a huge selection of all-welded, heavy-duty products to meet the growing market demand for increased safety, security, durability and convenience. Lyon Workspace Products is an ISO 9001-registered firm and is a leading manufacturer of steel shelving, storage and related workspace products. It maintains one of the largest inventories of finished goods in the industry.

Lyon Workspace Products: 800-323-0096

Leave a Mark

The Fastliner® marking system by Broyhill is an effective tool for athletic fields, streets and parking lots. It mounts onto Broyhill's Highlander and John Deere's Gator and Club Car vehicles. It gets its name from its ability to perform at speeds up to 15 mph, with a 14-gallon poly tank that ensures consistent paint application via a 12-volt diaphragm pump. The exclusive Fastliner® nonclogging paint concentrate feeds through an anti-drip nozzle surrounded by a patented spring-loaded marking shoe to apply clean, sharp lines from 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches wide.

Broyhill Company: 800-228-1003, ext. 34