See the Ball

LSI Courtside Sports Lighting offers the Courtsider® XL and Aerosystem® tennis court lighting products. LSI recently supplied the Aerosystem for the new Appleton Tennis Center at Boise State University. The six-court facility uses eight 1,000-watt metal halide fixtures per court, mounted on 24-foot poles. The lighted courts allow night play for the Bronco's intercollegiate tennis teams, as well as the university's recreation, physical education and general student populations.

Courtsider Sports Lighting, Division of LSI, Inc.: 800-436-7800, ext.3098

Designed to Shine

Designers will appreciate the new, attractive and energy-efficient LED-G45TM Series LED bulb from Mule Lighting, Inc. These patented bulbs offer more than 100,000 hours of operating life and consume less than one watt of power, making them a sensible and creative choice for decorating and accent lighting applications. Available in a variety of color combinations, the bulbs provide added dimension and drama to your lighting effects. There is also a range of brightness and luminance intensities to further customize. LED-G45 bulbs last up to 10 times longer than their incandescent equivalents, making them an ideal choice for hard-to-reach areas.

Mule Lighting, Inc.: 800-556-7690

Solar at Night

Solar Outdoor Lighting is one of the world's leading manufacturers of industrial-grade solar powered lighting. Systems are standalone, off-grid and maintenance free. They're ideal for lighting parks, trails and bike paths, as well as any remote area. You can also use them for security or perimeter lighting, parking lots, signs, billboards, small indoor areas like gazebos or vault toilets, and bus stops and shelters. UL-listed, the systems are designed to install easily with no trenching or wiring.

Solar Outdoor Lighting, Inc.: 800-959-1329, ext. 2008

Light Containers

Qualite's high-quality sports lighting systems put more light on the field to make for a better game for the players, fans and neighbors. Built-in features minimize light trespass and optimize light output. International, Gold and PRO-SeriesTM systems are available. The remote ballast lighting system is factory-wired, pre-assembled, pre-aimed and set, which lowers installation costs. The maintenance diagnostic system allows you to test electrical components (ballast, lamps, circuits, capacitors and fuses) from the bottom of the pole with the power off. That means simplified regular maintenance and lower costs.

Qualite Sports Lighting: 800-933-9741

Lower the Lights

Effective for facilities that have aerial equipment constraints or obstructions, the SportStarTM lowering system offers a complete package that lowers light fixture assemblies to the ground for easy, safe servicing. The system also allows lighting installation at heights to 150 feet for big-league-style downward aiming. The complete package includes fixtures; lamp; poles; lowering crossarm service platform and internal, preharnessed wiring.

GE Sports Lighting: 877-806-8693

Decorative Elements Catalog

Pathway the Lighting Source offers a line of decorative accessories for use with its Coventry family of architectural lighting fixtures. A new color brochure highlights designs crafted in glass, acrylic and metal. Tempered glass discs in soda lime, cobalt blue and other colors are suspended with stainless hardware in single- and multiple-tiered styles. Additional styles are crafted with borosilicate glass, perforated metal, acrylic and textured finishes. Custom designs in a variety of shapes and finishes are available. Pathway also manufactures exit sign and emergency lighting, as well as compact fluorescent, HID and incandescent downlights and decorative lighting fixtures.

Pathway Lighting: 800-342-0592

Fast, Easy and Trouble-Free

Musco's Light-Structure SystemTM, sports-lighting's 5 Easy Pieces, is a completely engineered system from foundation to poletop, with only five major components to install. Contractors and designers can reduce time and labor costs, while being guaranteed a safe, trouble-free lighting system. Owners benefit from energy efficiency, guaranteed factory alignment, substantial reduction of wasted spill light and low maintenance, which result in lower life-cycle costs. It also comes with an industry-leading warranty.

Musco Lighting: 800-825-6030

Indirect Lighting

Daft Hanglite Light System provides 60 percent more lighting than other indirect lighting systems. It's the system of choice for the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, Rutgers University, Georgia Tech and other high-profile sport facilities. The glare-free lighting is evenly distributed throughout your facility, meaning more light with fewer fixtures. The system uses no poles or rods that can damage your structure or be tripped over. Daft also pays attention to aesthetics with high-tech, state-of-the-art appearance. The complete fixture disconnects for easy relamping and seasonal cleaning. Optional financing packages are available.

Daft Electrical Suppliers and Services, Inc: 914-381-0011