Floor Cover System Video

CoverSports USA offers its GymGuardTM floor cover system video free of charge. The video and accompanying brochure and swatch book detail the wide assortment of gym floor cover fabric colors, weights, storage options and winding features. CoverSports USA's large GymGuardTM inventory ensures that virtually all orders are shipped within two weeks.

CoverSports USA: 800-445-6680

Kick the Key Habit

Draper's Smart Gym allows you to enjoy the benefits of a modern gymnasium while making the giant key ring a thing of the past. The Smart Gym is a fully programmable control processor that allows operation of all equipment in a gym from a single point. It controls up to 256 individual movements and can be programmed to operate single devices or groups of two devices. A security code is required to access the low-voltage touch screen, which centralizes control of backstops, height adjusters, mat lifters, divider, lights, scoreboards and bleachers.

Draper Inc.: 765-987-7202

Cut, No Paste

Promats, Inc. offers a way to avoid the cut-and-paste look of cutouts on wall padding done in the field. The new Field Cutout Insert combines the appearance of a sewn factory cutout with the ease of installation, finishing the padding job in a way that matches the rest of the padding coloration. The insert can be custom-made for irregular-shaped wall obstacles. It takes only seconds to install after the hole as been cut. You can use the inserts for interior and exterior field wall padding.

Promats, Inc.: 800-678-6287

Tough Flooring

ElastocreteTM is an effective multipurpose gymnasium floor. In addition to the typical sporting activities such as basketball and volleyball, ElastocreteTM is tough enough to withstand the punishment of foot traffic, tables and chairs common at meetings, church services, dances, and other events. Available in a poured or roll good underlayment, ElastocreteTM flooring always features the Texture Right finish that combines performance and durability.

Surface America, Inc.: 800-999-0555

Bleacher Seats Here

Kay Park Recreation Corp. offers seating for all your needs. Bleachers with either aluminum or galvanized-steel understructures come in 3-, 5-, 8- and 10-row sizes. Planking includes wood, aluminum, vinyl plastisol or Fiberglass in various lengths. Tip and roll mobility units are available to provide mobility for special events or multipurpose settings. Kay Park has been manufacturing fine park equipment since 1954, with high-quality materials and skilled U.S. craftsmanship.

Kay Park Recreation Corp.: 800-553-2476

Sports Systems

Performance Sports Systems offers nearly 80 years of experience in the institutional market and is a leading manufacturer of institutional-quality gymnasium equipment. Its products include ceiling and wall-supported backstops and related accessories, portable basketball units, gym divider curtains, wrestling-mat hoists, wall padding, and volleyball, tennis and badminton equipment. Performance Sports Systems equipment meets or exceeds the benchmarks set by other athletic equipment manufacturers for performance, quality and functionality and strives to raise the standards by which all athletic equipment manufacturers are measured.

Performance Sports Systems: 800-848-8034

Tiles Treated Well

Ergomatta Interlocking rollup tiles are saturated with an antimicrobial additive and treated to help prevent skin diseases. The tiles can be laid in a variety of patterns and easily installed. Manufactured from 100-percent-recycled materials, the tiles can be used in gymnasiums, locker rooms, pool sides, showers and more. Edges and corners are available in all colors, and the product is guaranteed for five years.

Mat Factory Inc.: 800-628-7626